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Cleveland's #1

So if you're from Cleveland, you get irritated when Boston Red Sox fans or when Chicago Cubs complain about how long they are are without winning a World Series. I mean, you have the Bulls run, you have the Celtics run, you have the Patriots run - all within my lifetime. Cleveland, WE have The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, The Error, Red Right '88...These are all reasons why Chris Fox (an announcer from Fox Sports Television - and this is the ONLY time I will ever quote ANYTHING from Fox) said that Cleveland sports fans are 90% scar tissue. It's sad when the only times I've ever had my heart broken in 28 years have all revolved around last second sports losses...
But anyway, so you can understand native Clevelanders frustration when Boston Red Sox and CHicago Cubs fans try to encroach upon OUR inevitable right to be the most tortured sports area ever in the history of the entire world. So when Cleveland finally gets the recognition it deserves is and crowned the most tortured of the tortured cities, it's cause to celebrate. The top fifteen cities are:
15. Tampa Ba
14. Kansas City
13. Cincinnati
12. Phoenix
11. Washington, D.C.
10. Houston
9. San Diego
8. Atlanta
7. Seattle
6. Minneapolis
5. Boston
4. Chicago
3. Buffalo
2. Philadelphia
1. Cleveland
If you wanted to read all of them, you can find them here.  Yes, for once, Cleveland finishes something #1.


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