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Political Polls

My sole Republican friend, Jen (I'm all about the diversity) points to a poll where Bush is ahead of Kerry by five points. (Of course, if you try to click on it, it's a bad request...) (And how excited am I that Jen quoted from the Cleveland Plain Dealer?)

However, Jen likes that side of the story. Meanwhile, the New York Times/CBS poll shows a tie at 47% each (This is the SAME poll that showed Bush ahead by 8 percent less than a month ago - predebate). Likewise, the latest Gallup poll show a statistical tie, Bush at 49% and Kerry at 47%. And the latest Neweek poll show another statistical tie, John Kerry at 49% and Bush at 46%. Does that mean anything? Not much with the actual election. I just wanted to make sure that everyone received the full story... ;0)

And speaking of one sided stories, Dan Rather's career may be over because of the Guard memos, which it appears that he did not investigate as he should have. Yet Carl Cameron over at Fox INTENTIONALLY creates an entire story of alleged Kerry comments, which are posted online and on Fox (Creative) News and nothing happens at all? (He probably got

The right wing/Republican Party's PR team, aka FAUX News (you know, "fair" and "balanced") makes me sick. "We report (lies), and you decide (and we think that the average American is dumb enough to believe us.)"

Do you know that more Faux viewers than ANY other news station STILL believe that Saddam had ties to 9/11 and that we HAVE in fact found WMD in Iraq? Faux's evidence comes in the form of stuff that Bush could understand, meaning dumbed down: "You spell Iraq I-R-A-Q. Now, IR stands for Iraq. That leaves AQ. And what does AQ stand for. That's right, Al Queda. Very good, Faux viewer. You get a gold star for the day. Now, don't do anything stupid like try to check the facts..."


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