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Why don't you tell me how you really feel

So I've decided that when your football team loses by 100 points in two games (FOOTBALL team), they no longer deserve to have their team colors as the blog colors. So I experimented, which is much harder for me than it would seem (umm...why the hell do less words fit on a page now? How can I make the font smaller?) But 100 points people. FOOTBALL. As in football. As in...there are no words.

But I was asked if I had any thoughts on Butch Davis. When have I ever not had an opinion? I have disliked this guy from the day that we signed up 4 years ago. Including the playoff season. I disliked him last year when for some crazy reason, Randy Lerner gave him a 2-year extension. (I still don't get that. Go 5-11 and get an EXTENSION? Essentially a raise. Are you kidding me? I need a job like that, where not even just mediocrity, but flat out incompetence is rewarded). (Oh, and by the way, Davis QUIT and he got ALL the money owed him. If he QUITS, he should get nothing. If he gets fired, that's something else. But QUITS? No way. Again. I need a job like that.) (Of course, if I don't get to my summary judgment brief I was supposed to write this weekend, I can HAVE a job like that, b/c I sure as hell won't have my current job.)

First, Butch had a "panic attack" before Sundays game against the Bengals. Pause for a moment. Reread those last three words. Against.The.Bengals. If you are seriously panicked at the thought of playing the Bengals...there are no words. You are just pathetic.

Second, he complains about the suffocating pressure to win? That's your friggin JOB. And the "intense scrutiny" over whether he'd keep his job? Other than us on talk radio, you are talking eight days. Eight. Monday throught Monday. Are you kidding me? And for the record, it was three seasons for Belinchek. THREE SEASONS! And can you imagine if I went and told a partner that I felt suffocating pressure to do my job and write a brief? I wonder what they'd say. "Well, we can fix that problem for's call unemployment."

Third, he should have "runs with scissors" tattooed on his forhead. He has no problem blaming anyone and everyone else for the team. Davis handpikced an offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and a defensive coordinator, Foge Fazio. He hung them both out to dry on occasions where HE cuffed their hands.(Does anyone out there think that prevent defense does anything other than prevent you from winning?) THIS generates a feeling of trust? Of loyalty? Are you fucking kidding me? And let's not forget how he treated Ron Wolf, who was hired as an advisor earlier this year. Davis refused to listen to his advice (you know, what an "advisor" usually has) until he gave disparaging comments to the media about Wolf, who then resigned (rightfully so).

Fourth, listening to the man talk after a football game was so irritating. Not to mention insulting. He would completely lie. You'd see an awful game, where the Browns looked like shit on both ends of the football, and Gerard Warren and Courtney Brown missed another 10 tackles each, and he'd spin the game, talking about all the great things that he saw that don't show up on a scoreboard. Like we were stupid enough to believe it.

the man can't draft his way out of a paper bag. His first draft selection, Gerard Warren, is evidence of that. And his selection was a shock to everyone in the system. He wasn't the highest rated on the draft board. But..he was from Florida...Davis just turned his back on everyone else's opinion. This is the reason he's had to use high draft picks to correct HIS past draft mistakes. In the running backs alone, he drafted Jackson (guess which college?) Then, when he wasn't a premiere player, he drafted Green, despite a college career full of problems. Then when that wasn't working out, he drafted Suggs. Same with the center, first Melvin Fowler, and then Jeff Faine (and who takes a #1 draft pick on a center anyway?) Courtney Brown is another big time, first round bust. Can the guy get through a season WITHOUT getting hurt?

Sixth, he had complete fucking control over the organization. Total. It was disgusting. And he got that just for signing here with his. Total autonomy. No one to report to. Without ever having to prove himself at this level. He made all the decisions, he handpicked all the staff and the draft picks. (And that's why he ran out of people to finally blame...All of Chris Palmer's picks were gone - they were all yours. All of the hires were his. The QB was the guy that you bid AGAINST YOURSELF to sign despite all the warnings. Yes...Davis finally ran out of people's whose fault it was that he sucked. So blame the fans for the pressure of wanting wins, and the media for the intense scrutiny that when he proved unable to win, they began to wonder "this guy won't actually get to keep his job, will he?" So I guess he DID still have people to blame.)

And let's not forget his pride that makes him cut anyone who speaks out against him, rather than get something for him. He played Quincy "I can't catch worth shit" Morgan over KJ because KJ thought that he was a tool and said so. Then, he tried to trade KJ, and was told he could get what I think was a 4th or 5th round draft pick. His answer: "That's not enough value" and HE CUT HIM STRAIGHT OUT. Leaving teams free to then SIGN KJ for nothing. Did the same for Couch. For Mitchell. For Jackson. This was his MO. He had an idea of value in his head, and rather than deviate from it, he'd rather cut and get nothing. Are you kidding me? Even I'M smart enough to figure that one out.

Eight, he can't coach either. At all. In the Browns history there have been 5 games on 200 yard rushers. In their franchise history. And FOUR of them came under Butch Davis in the last two years. Way to go.His complaints about injuries are both true and irrelevant. Yes, the Browns had 14 players on IR last year, and 16 on IR this year. But the Browns were NOT the most injured team last year. The Patriots were. And they managed to win a SuperBowl. So your complaints are wearing thin Butch.

Now, some Cleveland fans worry that Belichick, he who was hated in a way that not even Davis was hated in Cleveland (HE CUT KOSAR!) has since gone on to win 2 SuperBowls with the Patriots. (And for the record, Davis cried b/c the media said he was a bad coach, the fans changed "Butch must go" at games, and callers to talk radio said that he has to be fired. BELICHICK got DEATH THREATS. No joke. The "Butch must go" chants at the stadium and onm talk radio don't compare to death treats and permanent cops stationed at his house. Hated for three years for cutting a local legend. Davis isn't made of the same material as Belichick. He didn't have the experience coming in at the NFL level either. His mistakes appear to be his pride, his need for complete control (I can't imagine any NFL team is ever going to give HIM complete control again, after what he did here), his constant spinning, his ability to throw his coaches under the train at a whims notice, his obvious playing of favorites not based on talent, and his complete inability to evaluate talent. I'm sure I'm missing some. But he ain't a Belichick people.

My personal feeling is that the best college football coaches don't make great NFL coaches. What is the college coaches #1 job? Recruiting. Doesn't matter a bit in professional football. So you take the college coaches strength in the NFL.

And as for how Robiskie is going to do, well, interim coaches are 110-242-1. I guess that's 243 now, after we got crushed by the Patriots. That doesn't bode well for the last four games. Of course, we will have a good draft pick, and without Davis deciding who we take with that draft pick - I already feel pretty good about it.


  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger Curtis said…

    I don't like the black background and white text thing. It's hard to read. Your team might be as bad as my team.

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger p.p. said…

    RAMS won (finally)! But I'm sure our QB is out for a few games.

  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger melyssa said…

    i don't like the white on black either. the cowboys are having a horrible season as well. and because they suck so well, arlington voted for them to get a new stadium in 2009!

  • At 12:29 AM, Blogger Eden said…

    Try gold on black -- the Steelers are 11-1 ;)

    *beckoning motions* come... come to the dark side... no more Browns... they are eeevil... yes, eeevil...


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