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Winter weather advisory. My three least favorite words together. Well, maybe "lake effect snow" is worse. They so often go hand in hand. Out my office window, I can't tell what is the lake, what is fog, what is clouds, and what is snow. I can't even see the building across the street. It's all...icky. (That, I believe, is the scientific term to describe it.)

So a major criticism of myself as the attorney (as will be developed at my review later this month) is that I take everything personally. I get overly invested in each one of my cases. Go figure. So a partner today tells me that there is a case that he wants to put me on because opposing counsel used to work here and was fired (by the partner on the case), and then went to another firm and was fired (and we recently bought that firm...) So he's essentially been fired twice by us. Anyway, he is opposing counsel, and doesn't like us. The partner told me he wants to put me on the case because it will be "a good growing lesson for me," to learn not to take it seriously when opposing counsel is mean to me...I don't see that working. But it will cause me sleepless nights and anxiety...

Now I shall draft some discovery. Interrogatory #1 - why are you suing us? Request for Document #1 - Produce all documents supporting that. Interrogatory #2 - how often have you slept with your mother? Request for Document #2 - Produce all photos supporting that. Or not...


  • At 7:35 PM, Blogger melyssa said…

    i'm guilty of getting personally wrapped up in my work too. not to sound sexist against my own, but i think women tend to because we are typically more emotional. good luck. we're (fellow bloggers) with you in spirit!


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