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So my weekend in Boston.

I was there to visit 5 college friends. We’ve all known each other 10+ years...a truly frightening number. Aren’t I still 21??? 28 just seemed so much OLDER than I am right now.
I had a great weekend. It was completely reinvigorating. Received the usual "move to Boston" nudge. At dinner on Friday we decided that we are going to write a book on hellish dates - it’s sad that we have enough hellish dates b/c a half dozen of us to be an instant bestseller. Oh well.

On Saturday we went to Salem, and I ended up going to 2 psychics. My friends were all gung ho for one psychic who was sick. (Didn't he know we were coming?) We ended up elsewhere upon a recommendation and the recommended guy did 2 of us (and relatively well, from what I’ve heard) and a woman who was awful did two of us. We were so jealous that the others got a good reading that we both went to another guy who they had been to before. (He was decidedly passable. You don't feel ripped off; you don't feel like he was dead on.) Oh, but for the record, that makes all three psychics that I've been to in 2005 who say that they see a move in my future. The first woman said Texas, the second was nondescript, and the third mentioned the American Southwest. My friends cracked up at the second place b/c he asked me if I was going on or discussed going on a cruise, and the day before, we had discussed a singles cruise.

But this is weird. A pretty significant scar appeared on my right arm on Saturday when I was in Salem. Perplexed and a bit worried, I showed this to my friend and said that I had never seen it before. This was an old scar, you know the type, kind of faded into white. It was literally like someone took a knife and dug skin out of me. Like I should have gotten stitches and never did. It was indented pretty deep. You could run your finger over it. Maybe an inch in length. It was gone Saturday night at the bar. I showed it to my friend again who freaked out. When I first showed it to her and said that I had never seen it before. I have no explanation for it.

Then Saturday night we went to a birthday party at the bar and openly judged my one friend’s new boyfriend (he remarked how protective we were of her and told her that his friends weren't protective. It must be a girl thing). He was an attorney. I mention this b/c there was some guy who wouldn’t stop insulting lawyers...turns out that he wants to go to law school. A desire to hate oneself?? I recommended therapy. THEN another guy was a third year law student. All in all, WAY too many lawyers. But otherwise an enjoyable party. AND no smoking in public buildings in Boston. So a smoke free bar. Score.

Then Sunday we did brunch before I had to (sniff sniff) leave. Yes, mundane, everyday stuff. And yes, a fantastic time.


  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said…

    Nope! Not weird at all about the scar!!

    I remember being in Mexico at the Ancient Ruins...I had my HUGE most favorite watch, that had this HUGE scratch across it's face. (Of course, I am a clumsy girl) I wore it that day to the ruins and when I came back to the hotel I noticed the very large visable scratch was no longer there...


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