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What is going ON right now? Judges aren't safe in their own homes from crazy individuals who are upset their cases get dismissed (it happens!) and now they aren't even safe in their own courtrooms??

Officials: Judge killed in courthouse shooting

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- A defendant stole a weapon from a deputy and shot and killed a judge at the Fulton County courthouse Friday morning, officials told CNN.

TV reports said a court reporter and two deputies may also have been shot.

Atlanta police spokeswoman Marion Lee said one person was shot in the courthouse parking lot and another was shot outside the courtroom, reportedly on the eighth floor of the courthouse.

Officials said police were seeking a suspect who was on the loose in downtown Atlanta. The suspect may have tried to carjack several vehicles, reports said.

This is really sad. And worrysome. I've been in courtrooms with defendants before who were conviced of killing people. Multiple. Kept ni solitary confinement permanently because they were such trouble inmates. And it often seemed as if the court marshalls, while would pop in and out during such occasions, were not really paying that much attention. I mean, I suspected they were sleeping at times. But to have their gun stolen from them??? To kill a judge (and possibly others)? That is really a problem.

And what's with blaming the Judge? The Judge does so little in the grand scheme of things. The jury convicts. Not the Judge. The prosecutor/U.S. Attorney is the one who tries the case. The judge is the one who presides over the system.

And let's discuss security for a moment. He was in a courtroom on the eighth floor, and managed to escape?? Did he take the elevator? The stairs? Way to go, security.


  • At 10:50 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    I'm with you, Stephanie.

    How this man was able to:

    A) get the gun

    B) shoot-up a courtroom

    C) kill three people

    D) make an escape from the 8th floor to the ground floor

    E) carjack an escape vehicle


    F) elude police for - how long has it been now? - 12 hours?

    ... is really, really beyond me.

    Actually, I'd say it's quite frightening.

    My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who were killed today. For them, it is a very lonely night. My thoughts are with them, and with the gunshot victim in critical condition (and their family & friends).

    Ugh. What a day.

    Hope you're doing well. Take care.

  • At 9:45 PM, Blogger CC Baxter said…

    How can security be that lax?


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