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So I've returned from land of the Star Wars. At least for now. Now, we are counting down until the REM concert (two weeks and three days). I got a hotel for Rome yesterday.

First, I have to grr for a moment. They cancelled Jack and Bobby. Now I know that I should have been emotionally prepared for it, but really, I'm an idealistic and ideally, that never would have happened. They did, however, renew Arrested Development, so I guess I should take what I can get from this fucked up country.

Second, I'm still irritated at this. I know, I know, compromise, etc. And had Owens not been part of the compromise, I would have been happy. But seriously, I can't understand why you give HER up. Bush's own Attorney General (not exactly a peach himself) has had harsh words for her. Hell, I would have forced the fillibuster vote. If I'd lose, I'd lose. But I would have forced the issue. Not compromised and given her up. DeWine was part of this negotation. I expect an email soon. I've probably called his office three or four times a week for several weeks now. Henry Saad, nominated for the 6th U.S. Circuit Court here in Ohio, wasn't part of this package deal. And what do they think this accomplishes? When the Supreme Court nominees occur, you haven't made it so the fillibuster was voted on and failed. Just that the vote hasn't occurred yet. They "promise" not to *this* term, not overall, anyway. And there is nothing to prevent them from changing their mind (what, a politician less than truthful??) Top Fillibuster Falsehoods.

Oh, Jody Gerut has a hit in every game he's played in since coming back from the DL. Adorably cute AND hitting the baseball... (The Indians won 2-1 last night. When Minnesota tied at a 1, I figured we lost. Lord knows we haven't been hitting the baseball all season long. Wonders never cease...We CAN score two runs in a single game. Anyone from Cleveland miss the offensive days of '95?)

Oh, Tillman's family feels lied to by the military? Join the rest of the country...The best part is that they seem surprised by this. This is the same administration who lied to start a war. Shocker that they'd lie about who and how people are dying. They won't show flag draped coffins due to public opinion. See no evil?? (We are so easy to ignore what does on unless it's in our face...)

Speaking of, my friend told me when in Paris, to pretend to be Canadian...

I haven't bitched about Intelligent Design for a while...

Has anyone seen Crash? My two friends have been arguing about whether it's brilliant or whether it's overdone and insulting b/c it's so overdone. Opinions?

I've been saying this for a long time. "The religious right becomes more and more wrong every day. Worse than that, they leave the teachings of Christ behind in the blind pursuit of partisan power." I've recenrly changed the Jesus is a Liberal bumper sticker (put up during Easter) with two others. Still doesn't change my feeling.


  • At 1:48 PM, Anonymous JasonB said…

    re: teh compromise. My guess is we couldn't solidly get the 51 votes we needed. Without the votes, no compromise would have been the WORST possible thing, then the road would be wide open to James Dobson appointing the next Supreme Court justices.

    If we didn't have the 51, best thing was to comrpomise (read a rumor that even one of the ones that will be up or down voted won't pass anyway. Brown or Ownes?). Now we at least have a chance to stop Dobson from appointing people to the Supreme Court than no chance had we not ahd the votes and the nuclear option passed.

    my two cents. I'm not thrilled, but if we didn't have the votes it was a good compromise.

  • At 11:10 PM, Blogger Me said…

    I still don't see this as a positive. It's obviously not Ownes. And I don't see this as a compromise at all. Because basically, they never had to vote that the fillibuster was constitutional. They didn't have to say that, and they only agreed to wait this term (until January.) They can always do whatever in January. And they can always say that the Dems broke the "spirit" of the agreement by fillibustering someone they felt wasn't an extreme exception, or whatever language they used without ever defining it, and then vote against the fillibuster during a SCOTUS vote...


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