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I went to mow my lawn this weekend for the first time since lord knows when. (It's not *that* bad, it's been dry to the grass wasn't growing.) Anyway, I'm being all good and mowing the front yard, etc and the lawn mower stops working. So I'm excited, thinking that I'm out of gas and hey, I actually HAVE gas in my red gas holder. I mean, just once I'm ahead of the game, right?

So I put some gas in there, but realize there already is gas in there. So I check the bag, but it's not full. OK, that's all I know how to do for the lawn mover. We have hit the limits of my knowledge. So I'm looking at the lawn mower and see this other thing, that says "O-I-L." Hmm...a lawn mover takes oil? So I put some oil in the lawn mower, but it still won't start. I guess that it ran too low and something like that. In other words, I totaled my lawn mower.

The worst part? That's exactly how I totaled my first car. No joke. You'd have thought that I learned. Of course, a lawnmower is cheaper than a car, but still...I guess I've learned nothing since I was 16...

Ok, baseball, specifically Rafael Palmeiro's steroids bust. Let's keep in mind his previous testimony: "Let me start by telling you this. I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never."

Well, in light of current events, I guess that's not quite true then. And the ironic part? Jose Canseco, who started this entire thing with his book, now says that he believes that Palmiero would never have taken steroids intentionally. Umm, excuse me, you've just been vindicated, and now you retrack? Jackass.

What strikes me is, how addicted do you have to be in order to take steroids when you know there is testing, the same year as your Balco testimony? I mean, come on.

And baseball knew about this earlier. The players' association challenged the positive test in secret proceedings, and the penalty was held in abeyance until arbitrator Shyam Das decided Monday not to overturn it. So basically, they decided NOT to announce this and let him continue his quest for 3000 hits. Pathetic.

And finally, no comment on Bolton's installation. He is going to lack te backing of the government, and the problem is, everyone knows it. Talk about a lame duck.


  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger EasyW said…

    Don't feel bad about the mower. I did the same thing to a crappy Craftsman mower I bought used for $40. It lasted 2 years. When it died, I went out and spent the money - $500 - on a nice Toro, which I would highly recommend to you. The high sticker price has forced me to take care of it. Annually, I change the oil and spark plug as well as sharpen the blade. And regularily only put in new gas (if its older than a month, it gets icky). Plus I hose off the under blade area after each use. And guess what? After 2 years, it starts everytime, runs like a dream, and looks brand new. I plan on having it a long long time.

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Yeah, but I HATE mowing my lawn. And I can't even start it. So why buy an expensive lawn mower when I can't even start it? ANd really, spark plugs? Sharpening the blade? New gas??? Hosing it off?? I'd rather buy a new lawn mover every year...

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger EasyW said…

    You lawyers are all alike - let someone else do the hard work and pay for it out of your 6-figure salary! What kind of socialist are you? One with clean hands, apparently. You've made your bed, now lie in it. Or move to a condo. Just quit your belly achin'.


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