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My lava lamp, one with blue liquid and white lava, is SO friggin' old that now it's more yellowish lava with clear liquid. I need to get a new lava lamp. I wonder why - I've only had it since I was 16. (It was the first purchase I ever made with my first paycheck from McDonalds. Money well spent - it's gone to college with me, law school with me, and is currently in my office at work. It's soothing and calming and lasted far longer than most of the stuff I spent my paycheck on...)

Wednesday. Soccer night. I joined two teams this season. Tonight I had a 6.30 game and an 8.30 game. So I thought that I'd have 7.30 to relax and whatnot. (Especially important b/c we had no subs for my 6.30 game.) But when the game was over (we lost, 4-5), I was talking to one of the guys on the team playing next (asking who won the champtionship - we lost to them in the finals, 1-0. They won the finals, 3-0 and said we were toughter. Sweet.) They asked if I changed teams, I said no, I was playing on two teams and my other team played at 8.30. So they asked if I was willing to play the 7.30 game b/c they were short girls and otherwise had to play a man down. (This was the team that has hurt me...twice.) As I figured they aren't going to hurt me while I'm playing with them, I agreed. But again, no female subs. For the love of God...Then at 8.30 was my original team. We had female subs, so I got to sub out the first half (though I played the entire second half). Let me just say, by the end of the game (1) I was gross and covered with so much sweat that I disgusted myself; (2) I was SO exhausted. My god, what was going through my mind??? But the most amazing thing? I played three games, and I didn't get hurt. At all. Of course, it was only the first week of the season. Give me time...


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