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This past Saturday was the football playoffs. The name of my team is Buttt III. We played Balls Deep. The ref kept making comments like, "Buttt over Balls" and whatnot. Good ol' junior high fun... Can you believe that winter football is over? Which means that spring football (and outdoor soccer and softball) starts on April 1. April 1! This is Cleveland. Yes, it will still be cold...

I got hurt and football though. Bruised the one knee, twisted the other. Even better, I'm on two football teams. The quarterback on my one football team was subbing for the team that I played against in my second football game. And he's the one who injured me. It wasn't even his team. And I'm his teammate! I hope I'll be able to turn on it by Saturday, I can't now. Which means that I sat soccer out last night. That makes me unhappy...

My March Madness basketball brackets are all f'ed up. The one that destroyed me was Kansas. Because I'm an idiot and had them in the Final Four. Oops...

You know, while everyone knows about how wonderful Target it, what I fail to hear about is the Target cartscalator like the one in University Heights. (I say that, but I had two conversations about it last week.) Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that when I talk about the Target love, you realize that includes the cartscalator.

For those interested, next Monday Sam Fulwood is discussing being one of the few premiere African American columnists in the US. It's at Chester's Fine Cuisine on Noble Road in East Cleveland. I think Fulwood's opinions are always interesting, so I'll be there, and I encourage others to attend.


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