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My friend asked me if it was wrong that she wanted Nick Lachey to get spousal support. I told her no, it was just wrong that she had an opinion on it.

So you are all curious about the Easter Seals auction, aren't you? DYING to know. I realize. First, yes, I wore my teal dress with my blue teal Converse. And I LOVED them. I'm not sure what anyone else thought, but all I really cared about was me, so that's good. If you ask nicely, maybe I'll email you a photo.

You have to walk on stage, which is somewhat intimidating. Meanwhile, they are talking about you (but in what is meant to be a good way, not the way that people talked about you when you were in junior high or something). The problems are twofold: first, the stage is small, so you get to the end of the stage, and they are only about half done. So now what do you do? You just stand there. Fake smiling or something. But stand there. I like to DO things. Standing there is boring. And everyone is looking. At least if I were walking, then I'm not concentrating on the fact that everyone is looking. I’d be concentrating on not tripping, you know? Second, the MC made a comment about me having attitude because I was wearing my Converse. That unsettled me. Weird, I know. What did I expect? One of my sorority sisters asked me about my shoes. I told her I loved them. Her response: “I am sure you do. This does not mean that they were your best choice for this outfit. It was, however, a very "you" thing to do. Converse is your Chanel. For you, they are always a classic.” Awesome.

But once you get done with the stage, the night is only beginning! Because now you have to mingle. Did you ever play Zelda on Nintendo? The people there were like the town folks you talked to when you enter a village. Usually they were stupid and said stupid things like, "you need candles to see in the dark" and you wanted to scream “DUH!” and you literally felt your brain cells disintegrating in your head. If you stopped paying attention and just started counting ceiling tiles, you miss…*nothing.* At least nothing of consequence. But every so often you found a person who told you something good and interesting like, “the candle is in the cave north of the Prada Desert.”

By the way, this leads to an interesting issue. When you meet the interesting villager, even if you know that your character will die if you enter the cave (you haven't built up your magic, or sword, or heart enough to make it into the cave and back out unscathed) would you enter the cave anyway??

But I digress. One of my friends won me, so no (1) scary Republicans; (2) sketchy guys. So that was cool. I think we'll go skydiving. Fun.

And I slept last night for the first time in ages. I have been coughing too much to sleep of late. So last night, I was at my dad’s for dinner, and he gave me this disgusting thing – equal amounts of honey, lemon and alcohol. You know, I was able to sleep from 12-5. 5 whole glorious hours. It was perfect. It tastes awful, but I recommend it.

You know, normal people, when sick, would not play soccer on Friday (indoor at least), two football games Saturday (ok, that was outdoor. Freezing cold 11 degrees!), drink Saturday night, rock climbing Sunday, and soccer (again, indoor) on Sunday. They would stay in bed and rest. I guess this is my way of informing you that I’m not normal…


  • At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Caren said…

    How much did you have to drink to get through the evening?? I think if I were in your shoes (and I think it's AWESOMD that you wore Converse sneaks)I would have been very very drunk.

  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Lori said…

    Glad to hear it went well and that you'll get to do your skydiving after all. My bronchitis has me hacking up lungs this week, and I experienced my coughing-too-much-to-sleep night last night. If only I had a lemon...

  • At 9:17 AM, Anonymous JasonB said…

    Don't listen to people who don't think teal converse shoes with a teal dress is hott. The extra 't' makes it hotter, you know. Heh

    Sounds like a good time. Skydiving should be super fun. Let me know how you like it. I've been thinking of doing that sometime.

  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Caren, It was intimidating, I won't lie. The Converse were so comfortable.
    Lori, the lemon really worked. I recommend it. I went today; it's not bronchitis, but if I don't get stop coughting in a week or so, I have to go back. Boo.
    Jason, I recommend tandem over solo. You get to freefall longer.


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