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I depend on my friends to clue me into great new music. And in the last few weeks, I've discovered two GREAT artists that I just can't get enough of. The first is Brandi Carlile, courtosy of my friend Kevin. The second is JJ Appleton. (I discovered JJ Appleton from Entertainment Weekly, but I do consider EW a friend.) They both have wonderful voices. I love to hear good new music. Yay. I encourage all to check them out. They both have music on their websites and MySpace if you wanted to listen to them. And you can download their albums on iTunes. If you can listen to Brandi Carlile's rendition of Hallelujah and not get goosebumps, you are a better person than I. (Or is that worse?) And everytime I hear JJ Appleton's Anyone and Someone Else's Problem, I have the urge to call my exs and play the song. And Downloader's Blues makes me laugh. Seriously, I can't say enough about the two of them.

We played against another high school team. Even better, we had a happy hour before the game, so people were, I don't want to say drunk, but had been drinking. The other teams have made us feel old. They have even commented on us being old. But these were the first really immature kids we've played against.

They were talking smack the entire game. The one girl, who I will refer to as The Bitch, literally pulled one of the guys on the team as he went for the ball. When he told her that wasn't cool, she told him that he was a fucking pussy. Another time The Bitch

Some of the guys on the bench were talking. Some guy says "That guy is really good, but he's psycho." The Bitch says, "he's not that good." And the guys says, "Compared to the rest of the team, he is." Now this is my baby brother you are talking about. Who, by the way, is an awesome soccer player. I will grant you, he's majorly intense about soccer. But still.

So I say to them (I'm playing defense) that he may be psycho, but he's better than all of them. (Which, incidently, was true. He really was on fire last night. He's generally a great player, but he was really awesome last night, saving several goals. Kicking himself for missing a shot on goal, but awesome.) And one of the guys says, "oh, that's really impressive, beating a bunch of teenagers."

Well, actually, it IS impressive. You are a high school team. Meaning that during the season, you play every day. You are in shape. During the summer, you have two a days (practices). We are in our mid to late 20s, we play once a week, we don't practice, we aren't really in condition, and we were drinking before the game. Yeah, I say playing at the same level as you is really impressive. Oh, and fuck you.

For the first time ever (and I do mean ever, and I've played soccer since age 7 - and I played and play several other sports as well) I refused to shake hands at the end of the game. Immature? Yes. But I really don't give a shit.


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