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Oh, no Jody!!

Now that I’ve posted reflection and humor for the day...I have a catch-22 with shirts. I can either wear a light colored shirt, such as white or khaki, and be assured of spilling something on me (like I did yesterday with my strawberry daiquiri) or I can wear a dark colored shirt, black, brown or red, and be assured of spitting toothpaste on myself. I am not sure why I have this toothpaste problem, but I do. Probably about three times a week. I generally go with the darker color shirts, because I like them better. I think I could wear a different black or red shirt for about a month without ever repeating shirts. But then I’m "Toothpaste Girl" all day (because you can see the toothpaste mark on dark shirts all day long, for those who are more... together... than I am). It’s a struggle being me, it really is. I think I may have to invest in a bib.

So on Friday I went to the Indians game. No suite tickets this time. No club seats either, so I was expected to buy my own food and drinks. But they WERE Diamond Tickets, which means that I was right behind the Indians dugout. (OK, I was three rows back.) Which means that at the end of every inning Jody was within 15 feet of me. Oh, happy days. Joy! The drooling may not have been attractive, but what can I say?

BUT in the 7th inning (of an awful game) JODY GOT HURT!! He tore his right ACL, and might be out NINE months! Which takes us almost to the All-Star break next year! Oh no! What will I do without Jody for so long?? The five+ months between October and February were already a long time. (The only possible good news is that he would have to rehab, which means that he could be in Buffalo on the AAA affiliate during rehab, and players are SO much easier to stalk at the AAA level...I’ll obviouisly be visiting Jen and Erin a lot.) Even worse, Saturday was his 27th birthday. :( That is NOT the birthday present I’m sure he wanted! Poor kid! He made a comment to the Plain Dealer that despite struggling much of this season, "I learned more about being a man this year." I have competition for Jody??

But anyway, there were these five guys - they looked like rappers but since I don’t listen to rap, I don’t actually know. They were obviously someone because they had that annoying sense of entitlement that comes with getting whatever you want. So, when the players come off the field, first baseman Ben Brussard throw a ball to the kids in the stands. There are nine innings. In FIVE of those innings, they threw the baseball straight to these guys - no kids around anywhere. Now, that only leaves FOUR innings to throw a baseball to the little kids who worship you, wearing your jersey (which falls past their knees), a baseball hat turned slightly sideways (because CC, Coco Crisp, and Matt Lawton all do that, so it's cool), and wearing a baseball glove in the desperate hope that they will catch a foul ball. (Check out the mad math skills going on. I didn’t even use a calculator for that. I swear.) So I'm already irritated that these guys are taking much of the fun away from the little kids. Then, in the middle of the 9th inning, there was a kid, maybe 6 or 7, standing by them (because he’s no dummy, that’s where the balls were thrown to) and Ben Brussard threw a SIXTH ball towards these guys that the kid tried to get. (They bounce the balls off the clubhouse top to the stands to avoid injury.) The biggest guy (think Ruben Studdard size) pushed the kid out of the way to get the ball. In the mess, the ball went back onto the field. Brussard then threw the ball AGAIN to the guys, but on the other side so that the little kid couldn’t get it. So now there are five guys, and they’ve got six balls, and to get number six, he pushed a little kid out of the way. Disgusting. Shameful. Ick. So I start to boo. The guy turns around and gives me a look, but by this time, the ENTIRE section followed my lead and started booing at him, so he can’t exactly come and kick my ass (it was THAT type of look, and if he can do that to a little kid, I have no doubt he’d be willing to kick my ass, girl or not.) Despite everyone in the vicinity booing him, he’s not fazed. In fact, the guy yelled, "I have a dog at home; I’m going to give the ball to him." Jackass. I have no idea who he was (and desperately wish I did so that I could smear him), but like I said, he was obviously someone. And Brussard obviously knew who he was. And by the way, Ben Brussard, who I DID like before, I no longer like. I hope that when Aaron Boone comes back and displaces Casey Blake at third basem it results in Casey moving to first base (which Phelps as the backup, along with Victor when he's not catching), and forces Ben Brussard to join another team. Double jackass. We don’t do that here in Cleveland.

I will share this, b/c it's cute. One of the three baseballs that actually went to little kids on Friday went to a kid, maybe three years old, sitting right in front of me. His dad held him up and out as far as possible, and this time, Brussard actually threw the ball to a kid (shock!) (The big guys - the next section over - went for that one too, but the ushers blocked them and kicked the ball over to the kid.) How excited was he? He literally hugged the ball to himself. It was the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I mean, full on hugged the ball to himself and he danced around. Later, he was bouncing around - jumping up and down for no apparent reason - with his ball yelling "Go Omar" (Coco was up.) Adorable child. AND SO HAPPY TO GET A BALL. Unfortunately, Brussard made sure that there were only three happy kids on Friday. Have I mentioned that he's a jackass not fit to wear the Indians uniform?

Then, on Saturday, after a lovely dinner, I went with some friends to see the adorable John Heffron. I have his CD. It’s hysterical. I got it online at his website, and I suggest that you all get it. Very funny. But anyway, after his comedy (a lot of new stuff too, so yay), he says he’s selling his CD. Now, I already HAVE his CD, but I don’t have his CD SIGNED. See the distinction?? And granted, he’s selling his CD for more than I paid for it online (even after shipping) but who am I to question? So I bought his CD again (I never really did learn how to effectively manage my money). He signed it. Laughed at me because I told him I already had it. Asked how long it took to get to me. That was quite fun for me. Yay. We also went to the piano bar (no Billy) so I was doubly in heaven. See how easily I am satisfied in life? Give me a CD I already have an some cheesy 80s music to sing to, and I'm in heaven. ;-)


  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger Curtis said…

    And who says lawyers can't have fun weekends. I think I would have gone and taken the ball from the jackass who got two...or I would have thrown a chair at him.


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