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Security Overboard?

So I went to the Indians game last night. I'm a girl, I occasionally carry a purse. Go figure. (Actually, that does amaze some friends.) But anyway, now with the "heightened security" that exists in the world, I have to have them go through my purse. This guy spend no less than three minutes on my purse, and even opened my Altoids container, saying, "you'd be amazed how many times people have these, and they are never Altoids." (For the record, he can't use that line anymore.) But it wasn't even the regular size Altoid container, it was the mini one.)

Also, when I left my car running in my garage overnight, that was HOW many days ago? Lots. This morning my dad comes over with his carbon monixide detector (I just told him last night) and there were still trace amounts of carbon monoxide in my bedroom. And my father says to me soberly, "if you had not had all three of these windows open in your bedroom [which are kept all the way open for my cats] you would probably be dead." YIKES! There's a frightening and sobering realization.


  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger Curtis said…

    Yikes!!! The kitties lent you one of their lives.


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