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Assault Weapons Ban

On Monday, September 13, 2004, President Bush refused to ask for, so the Republican Congress refused to send him, the renewal of the federal Assault Weapons Ban. In other words, Uzis, AK-47s and other military-style assault weapons are legal again. I’ve already complained about this here. But organizations are trying to get enough signature to make a difference in an election year. Sign the petition here to make assault weapons illegal again.

Understand that I actually *don’t* dislike handguns, and I support your right to own a rifle and other hunting guns. However, assault weapons are totally unnecessary. Completely. They are not necessary for sport, they are not necessary for protection. This isn’t a case of trying to take away someone’s Second Amendment rights (though why I care about their Second Amendment rights when they don’t care about my First Amendment rights is beyond me.)

Also, any lawyers/law students who want to help protect voting rights can go here.


  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger HunterByrd said…

    With due respect to you, you should know that Uzis and AK-47's are automatic weapons. Automatic weapons have been banned since (I believe) 1933. In order to possess one, you must have a Federal Firearms License. They are not to easy to acquire, and the person must have a near spotless record. I am relatively sure that if one does have such a license, then that person essentially waives his general 4th amendment right against warrantly search of his home by ATF authority.

    I don't really understand the last sentence of your second paragraph. By saying 'they' are you separating citizens into classes (i.e. 'us v them')? 'They' have 1st Amendment rights as you have 2nd Amendment rights. Of course, I am assuming you are a US citizen.

  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger Me said…

    Actually, with all due respect to you (and realize that I say this in the same way that I say it to a Judge when a Judge is wrong), I respectfully disagree with your determination that automatic weapons such as Uzis and AK-47s aren't assault weapons. Please see:
    (among others, I just got bored posting them all), all of which refer to Uzis and AK-47s as "assault weapons."

    Second, "I don't really understand the last sentence of your second paragraph. By saying 'they' are you separating citizens into classes (i.e. 'us v them')? 'They' have 1st Amendment rights as you have 2nd Amendment rights." Then let me be more clear: the same conservative individuals clammering that my support of the assault weapons ban is a violation of their Second Amendment rights are the exact same people saying that the First Amendment rights should be thrown to wayside and that people should not have the right to protest, for free speech, that you can be THROWN IN JAIL for peaceful protest. THEY are the ones who are deciding that the FIRST Amendment isn't importnat, but oh boy, that Second Amendment sure is.

    Finally, since my posted location is "Cleveland," I *assume* Ohio is still part of the US.

  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger Jason said…

    As far as Uzis and AK-47s are concerned you are both correct. Fully automatic weapons have been banned in the U.S. for quite some time. However the Uzis and AK-47s that are now available on the open market due to the expiration the assault weapons ban that have been modified to only be semi-automatic in accordance with the law. The problem is that many of these modified weapons can have their fully automatic abilities restored with fairly simple after market modifications.

    It is a fact that the number of crimes committed with the previously banned but now available were reduced by two thirds during the duration of the ban. It is a fact that every major law enforcement organization in this country was in favor of a continuation of this ban. It is a fact the approximately 70% of U.S. citizens (and 40% of NRA members) were in favor of this ban being continued . It is a fact the the Republican leadership in both the House and Senate said publicly that they would pass a continuation of the ban if the President asked for it. Finally, it is a fact the the NRA was withholding their endorsement of President Bush until after the ban had expired.


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