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Stories Abound Around

Domestic abuse sure has a different meaning in Spain.

Sep 17, 11:11 am ET MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish man tried to have his wife charged with domestic abuse because she refused to have sex with him on five consecutive days, Spanish newspaper El Sur reported on Friday.

The middle-aged man from Seville -- the city of Don Juan and Carmen -- said her refusals amounted to "degrading treatment" and domestic abuse, a term used more often to describe wife-battering.

Wow. I'm torn between laughing and being disgusted. Found here.

Oh! And Britany and her fiance didn't wait until November to get married, but did so yesterday. What's that, twice in 9 months for her. Yeah, and gay marriage will erode family values, says Louisianna.

And and just in case we didn't understand what Cheney meant when he said that a Kerry victory would put the United States at risk of another "devastating" terrorist attack, the Republicans will announce it once again, Al Qaeda wants a Kerry victory. So, if the Republicans know the inner workings of Al Qaeda's mind and desires, why the fuck can't they find Bin Laden or STOP Al Qaeda??

Ahh, now that the RNC is over, John McCain went back to his normal discourse criticizing Bush.

The Browns lost a sloppy game to Dallas. To put "sloppy" in perspective, in the SECOND HALF, each quarterback had THREE interceptions. Ohio State won (by more than a touchdown!) and moved up to #7 on the AP poll. (Largely helped by LSU's loss.)

I want Green Day's new album, American Idiot. Guess I'll add that to my list at Best Buy on Tuesday, along with Star Wars.


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