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"The economy is now is very good shape."

It's really fucking amazing that the economy trugged along (with slight lapses) before Bush and Cheney took over, with permanent tax cuts imperative to the success of the economy and all.

"the administration believed Bush's four tax cuts over the past four years had provided a badly needed boost to get the economy out of recession. But he said now the focus needed to be on making the tax cuts permanent."

* * *

"I'm pleased to say the economy is now in very good shape," Feldstein said.

What the fuck planet are you living on?? In my opinion, we are still in a recession. But maybe that's just Ohio (PDF).

"The economy added a net 112,000 jobs in November, considerably fewer jobs than analysts had expected and a big drop from the 303,000 positions added in October.

More than 2 million jobs have been created in the past year, but Bush remains 313,000 jobs short of avoiding a net loss of jobs during his presidency."

Yup, them is good statistics. Great economy. Geesh. I mean, I know that Republicans expectations are low (evidenced by Bush as their leader) but come on here. We're not (all) stupid. Whatever they are smoking, I'd like some.

And what about the tax cuts during a war? Doesn't the administration think that maybe the reason that it doesn't occur is because it's not economically feasible? That may be beyond their capacity. I mean, a net LOSS of jobs equals a "very good" economy. Imagine what their reaction would be if it was even? Or (gosh forbid), there were more jobs created than lost?? Can you even imagine?? Pull out the Thesaurus. What is better than "very good." Spiffy, maybe? Ph, the excitement...

Can't. Contain.


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