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Star Wars

I have a Darth Vader voice changer in my office. Whenever I'm in a mood, I'm tempted to use it when I answer the telephone. Other than the simple voice changer, there are also three buttons. One is Darth saying, "Impressive." The second is him saying "What is thy bidding, my master." The third his his breathing. (Can you just imagine the heavy breathing prank telephone calls?) Anyway, you can imagine how important the voice changer is in my profession. Or if I ever decide to kidnap someone.

So I went to talk to Yoda today about the hacket job he did on my ERISA brief (there was literally red EVERYWHERE. I think he performed a human sacrifice on my brief. That's the only explanation.)

Anyway, he was busy (shocker) but he said he wanted to talk about it and that we would talk about it later. Of course, he's said this about other cases before. I do 75% of my work for Yoda. I want mentoring!! I'm obviously going to have to explain to Yoda that he is my Jedi Knight, and he can't leave to without knowing how to work my light saber.


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