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At work we have the NCAA pool. Here's my problem. I want to play, but I don't know enough about all 64 teams. I watch a few teams (OSU and Syracuse) whenever I can. I follow some of the bigger teams because they are often on. I have opinions on Duke, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, etc. I even have opinions on Illinois. But certain teams. Say Eastern Kentucky? How many games of those do you think I watched? You can count on one hand. Using zero fingers.

So I'm taking solicitations. Anyway wanna tell me how to fill the form out?? Please?

(If you are going to tell me that Connecticut is going to make the Championship game, don't bother, I won't believe you.)

(On a side note, while I was composing this, the partner walked in my office (and walked right next to me - doh! saw what I was doing) to tell me that the motion that I did this weekend was good, with the exception of taking out "ultimate issue in this case" five times. Yay. ;-) I like it when I do good. This was the first real thing I've done for this particular partner too, and I'd actually like to do more. So yay.)


  • At 6:21 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Wake Forest in the finals against Duke, Duke wins. Illinois upset by Boston College, Washington upset by Georgia Tech in the Sweet 16.

    My little brother watches a ton of basketball- we'll see if he's worth his salt. All I know myself is that Illinois is nothing special - perhaps you think differently?

  • At 10:12 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    Them's fightin' words, Kevin! I don't know what Illinois has to do to prove that they're #1. Show me another team that only lost one game this season, and then we'll take about "nothing special." Are you sure you're not Dick Vitale in disguise?

    Look, Stephanie, all you need to know for sure is that Illinois will take it all, because they're awesome.

    It's not as though I'm biased, or anything. ;-)

  • At 2:48 AM, Blogger NYCbeauty said…

    I'm so glad that I'm not at a firm anymore....although I am still a lawyer, reluctantly so....but I do know that I don't have to be in an office pool anymore, and that's a relief. I don't have to keep track of all of those schools! Actually, I once won, knowing nothing about the schools. I think that's the best way to do it...just flip a coin and see how it goes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  • At 10:00 AM, Blogger Scarlett said…

    Thank the stars you got some positive reinforcement!!

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Eden said…

    Pitt all the way. ;)


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