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Part of my "job" is to buy peanuts for work. The managing partner is the one who first "requested" it, but it's spread to about a dozen regular visitors of partners, associates and staff. Several of them, when they come, tell me, "I don't know how you don't sit here at eat this all day long."

Well, it's really not that hard. I really only like cashews. So a can of mixed nuts on my desk is not too tempting for me, truthfully. It may get expensive (they got through about $10 of peanuts a week - so over the course of the year, yikes!) but not tempting to sit and eat.

BUT today, someone brought me Smarties today! Many know that I don't like chocolate, a fact that I know astounds many. However, I love Smarties (along with "fruity" candy, specifically Skittles, Starburst, Gummy Worms and sour gummy worms.) Which is why I don't BUY Smarties.

On a side remark, Lent starts today. I procrasticate; I still haven't decided the extent of my Lent participation this year, so while I'm deciding, I'm not eathing anything. Except Smarties (which luckily aren't on the "give up" list of meat, dairy, wine, and olive oil. Is it "sacrifice" if I only give up wine - which I don't really like anyway??) (On another side note, once I went to this crazy local church that had all the typical stuff, PLUS grain. Leaving endless vegtables. I hated vegtables by the time it was over. And soy milk.)


  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Scarlett said…

    Yes, if you don't drink wine, it is pointless to give it up for

    My Sue always answers when asked what she is giving up for Lent . . ."I am giving up Lent". It gets funnier every year.

  • At 12:02 PM, Anonymous harvey said…

    This post through me for a minute, I've not had much exposure to Orthodox Catholicism. I'm still working up the courage to go to one of the churches. I didn't give up anything for Lent this year. Instead I signed up for volunteer work and started exercising more. I see Lent as a time to improve oneself, denial can be a part of that [I gave up anything sweeter than a muffin last year] but I think making yourself a better person is the main goal. But it sounds like Orthodox is a bit tougher.


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