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So I decided, rather than work on this brief, that I'd do something else. So I changed the blog colors. I felt that the black was just too dark since the days are staying light longer. But then I was torn. I obviously couldn't go back to the brown and orange, since it's not football season anymore. So I went with this one. BUT in changing it, all those code thing-ies disappeared. And I'm not sure how I like it. And I can't figure out the stuff at the bottom, why it's blue so that you can't read it. Or why the font for the links is so big - how do I change that? And why does the side stuff not come up and go to the bottom anyway? See why I shouldn't do this to begin with? See why Jen started the blog for me. All those code thing-ies make no sense to me at all. So if anyone knows how to fix stuff, let me know.

(Oh, and by the way, my complaining about winter isn't that far off. We have the third snowiest year on record, and we are only 3 inches away from #1. It can end at any time...)


  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger Steppie said…

    I like this much better than the black. The black was getting really depressing with winter dragging on and on.

    If you figure out how to do all that cool shit that Jen did to your blog lemme know. I lost the picks she put on my blog when I changed formats tonight.

    And I found a new blog for you: don't think she is entirely your cup o' tea, but I think you might find her intriguing.

  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger CC Baxter said…

    This color scheme is much easier to read.


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