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Not a good year to be a Cleveland coach. I really don't care too much about Silas; I didn't hate him the same way that I hated Davis. But I understand: he's not getting it done. The Cavs have lost 9 of their last 12 games, which is an accomplishment of Cleveland Browns proportions. And like Butch, who had his favorites, so did Silas. The big talk around here is how he played Snow for 40 minutes over starter McInnis, and Snow failed to score a single point. Like how McInnis failed to play a single minute...It's a ballsy move though. If the season were to end today, the Cavs are in the playoffs. If the interim coach doesn't make the playoffs, you think there won't be a lot of second guessing? Oh, and I wouldn't want to be GM Paxton right now...New owner, "cleaning house." There's not a ringing endorsement of job stability.

I took fencing lessons when I lived in Pennsylvania. I suspect that it was something that I could have been decent at, had I continued, because a lot of the positioning was similar to karate. Except without all the balancing one-legged things that I wasn't particular good at with karate, But that's neither here nor there. Today, as I was driving into work, I saw someone walking down the highway (like you do when your car runs out of gas and you have no other choice) with a foil (the weapon). Randomly. Not using it. Not anything. Just walking along with it, for protection. And I was thinking: is it really that dangerous to walk along 90 during rush hour?? It seems like you'd be more likely to be hit by someone applying their makeup or talking on the cell as they go to work, and then, really, how much use is the foil going to be?

Oh, for the person who asked why the Roman calendar (which I believe is a solar calendar based upon the Earth's rotation around the sun) was wrong: you celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the Full Moon following the Spring Equinox (unless that Full Moon fell on a Sunday, in which case Easter is the following Sunday). Thus, for you all, Easter can never occur before March 22 or later than April 25.

Because I'm Greek Orthodox, we use the older Julian Calendar. (Indeed all eastern (Orthodox) Christian churches use this calendar, and all you really need to know about this is that the Hebrew calendar is primarily a lunar calendar and they make necessary changes where are pretty complex.) All this means in terms of my Easter is that Easter cannot come until AFTER those of the Jewish faith celebrate Passover. Which makes more sense, b/c Jesus was Jewish and "the last supper" was the Seder meal at the Jewish festival of Passover. So to celebrate Easter before Passover makes no sense to me.

And an a moment of bitterness. Your lent starts on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before your Easter. You don't count Sundays in your 40 days of Lent. My Lent starts on Clean Monday, 55 days before my Easter. We don't count Saturday or Sundays. End result - our Lent is longer. And we don't get cool ash on our foreheads. And everyone knows what Ash Wedneday is - poor Clean Monday gets no publicity. It's all PR...


  • At 2:13 PM, Blogger laura d said…

    first off... you're cool. i just had to say that.

    i was the one who asked about the calendar. thanks for explaining it! and you are right, not a lot of people know about other religions... i admit... i'm very guilty of that... but i love learning about them... for many reasons, but also to better understand my faith, too. the passover thing is very interesting... it's true... i admit the Catholic Church has made many changes to "modernize" and "organize" practices to go along with the calendar year... especially in terms of christmas and easter (but the cycle goes round and round). and the sunday thing... i just learned this fact this past year. i was raised where sundays were part of lent and as a child i never questioned or calculated the extra days. it differs within the parishes... which gets scary because these days it seems like there is no "set" practice.

    as for ash wednesday... it is cool getting the ashes, i agree!!! i mean for me, it's not just ashes but its the meaning, too, as i hope it is for other Catholics. and yes, people do know about ash wednesday, but at the same time, there are many times where people have to tell you that "you have something on your forehead".. DUH! its strange how some people have never encountered someone wearing ashes before.. especially when their adults. ;)

    so for you, cool Greek Orthodox female, i'd like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and i wish you a very happy Lent!

  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger Eden said…

    The Greek Orthodox calendar makes so much more sense -- I liked having it explained.

    The Easter I grew up with is just so laughably pagan that it's easier to work into our (current/pagan) celebrations than Christmas or other holidays. Honestly, full moons? equinox? fertility? Where does the chocolate figure in?

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger Me said…

    Thanks Laura! (Incidentally my middle name.)

    Eden, that's what I always thought, but then again, I'm bias. Not only the chocolate figure; forget not the fake greek grass and the Peeps/


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