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So I considered everyone's recommendations concerning my social life, and this is what I did. I didn't make a decision. It was too much stress, even with all that guidance!!

I reluctantly signed up for soccer on Wednesdays over kickball (I played soccer from age 7 through age 16, then from college through law school; I was hoping I could find a soccer league that was another night, but no such luck.) :( Then, I signed up for softball on Thursdays or Sundays, and touch football (as opposed to flag football, which doesn't work with dinner) on Saturday mornings starting April 2.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that softball and soccer will work out (through no fault of my own; because they don't have enough to field multiple teams, which would truly depress me. If the soccer league falls through, there is another league where I can join as a solo player. So that may still work out. If softball falls through, well, that would give me time to take Italian starting April 7 (not a bad thing to take before going back to Rome, no? Of course, I could also get a course on tape and make use of my commute each morning - but that is way too hard for me to get that organized.)

Why I felt the need to join everything, as opposed to just a few? I couldn't make up my mind. There were too many options! choosing was more stress than it was worth. Signing up for everything was less stressful. That was my theory this past weekend when I ran out of clean pant to wear to work too. I briefly contemplated wearing skirts to work this week, but disregarded it beacuse it's freezing out and I'm still refusing to wear a coat. The solution? I bought 4 pairs of new pants to get me through this week. Hmm...Somehow, I suspect that my decisions aren't always the "best" ones...

Oh, as for the NCAA tournament, I filled out three forms. Once was directly what someone emailed me. One was Syracuse winning it all (why not?) ;) And one was me just picking the cities I'd like to go visit the most. I suspect that I'm not going to win...I can handle that.


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