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Via Jason: Ignoring Deal, Frist to File for Cloture on Myers. Just as I feared. Wait, politicians words are worthless? Really? But they pinkey swore...

Indians lost in extra innings tonight. That's like my softball team; we also lost in extra innings today! And just for fun, I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow morning. :(

And for Clevelanders, from the Cleveland Bar Association:

The substitute version of the budget bill ( Sub. H.B, 66) as accepted by the Senate Finance Committee, did not Address the amendment suggested by us that would remove the elimination of county funding while a task Force studied the issue of law library funding, structure and operation. To our surprise and shock, the latest Version of the bill eliminated thetask force. The information I have gathered in the past few hours isthat this may be an oversight or is the result of a member of the Senate offering a separate amendment to delete the task Force. I have spoken toseveral senators and we are moving ahead to reinsert the task forceprovision as well As address the funding issue so that there would be a 20% reduction in 2007 and no other change until the Task force concludesits work and issues a report.

The Senate leadership will be meeting this weekend, probably on Saturday, to work an omnibus amendment to address a number of items that still need attention. Our goal must be to insure that our amendment is considered and adopted. I have little doubt that it will be considered,but adoption is always iffy. Over the next few days beginning upon receipt of this memo, I ask that you contact the following senators on the Senate leadership team that will work on thiso mnibus amendment:

Senator Bill Harris- Senate president- (614)466-8086
Senator Jeff Jacobson- (614) 466-4538
Senator Randy Gardner- (614) 466-8060
Senator Steve Austria- (614) 466-3780
Senator Jay Hottinger- (614) 466-5838
Senator Robert Spada- (614) 466-8056

Deliver the following message:
1. County law libraries are critical to the operation of Ohio courts; they are the only library for courts, and provide essential legal research materials, equipment and services to Ohio's judges, elected public officials and citizens to ensure the effective administration of justice.
2. The creation of a Task Force on Law Library Associations to study their structure, funding and operation is most appropriate when local government funding is uncertain.
3. It is important to examine the utilization of technology and access by the public during the study of law libraries.
4. It is inappropriate and not prudent to change the funding of county law libraries during the pendency of the work of a task force; this is like writing the conclusion of a report and then doing the research to compose its substance.
5. Create the task force and permit it to do its work, develop itsrecommendations, and then evaluate a course of action for the future.

Get to it!!


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