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Oh my god. I already mentioned that I thought I broke my lawn mower. But I hadn't finished, so I tried to start it again, and it finally did. So I am mowing after work and all of a sudden, it starts smoking. I mean, SMOKING. There is smoke everywhere, and it ultimately shuts down on me. It looks like I've started a fire or something.

The 77 year old woman across the street caddy corner, who I wrote about earlier, was talking to my next door neighbor, who I've never met. They walk over to see what happened. My next door neighbor, without introducing herself, walks away. Ok. The next thing I knew, my next door neighbor, a 77 year old woman who I never met, is mowing my lawn. She refuses to let me mow it with her mower ("everyone knows their own lawn mower best") and refuses to just stop and let me buy a new mower and get to it this weekend. INCLUDING the back yard, which, come on, no one sees anyway. I felt awful. I am 29. She is 77. And SHE is mowing my lawn...There is a special place in hell for me...

Oh, and few things make me happier in life - truly - than Derek Jeter making the last out in a game where the Yankees are down by one and there is a runner in scoring position. I mean, I love love love seeing Jeter's defeat. It gives me chills.


  • At 10:00 PM, Blogger PB said…

    Did she at least do a good job?

  • At 10:09 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Actually, yes, but still!!

  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger p.p. said…

    You should have asked her to do your landry, dishes, ironing, and any other odd jobs. Obviously, she loves doing it. Why make a old woman sad? ;)

  • At 8:04 AM, Anonymous JasonB said…

    heh... :)

    And I love Jeter Defeat as well. I'm getting to the point where I can't stand the Yankees OR the Red Sox. I mean, can't they be playing a game and both teams just swallowed whole by the earth or something?

  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger Jeff Hess said…

    Shalom Stephanie,

    When you get your new mower, buy it from a place where you can talk to a knowledgeable person who can tell you about routine maintenance.

    If you have problems, I'd be happy to do an afternoon quick course for you.


    Jeff Hess


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