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So in my "let’s go outside and do work" yesterday, all the neighbors came out of hibernation, and I actually met three of my neighbors. One is 77 and was complaining about the fact that in the last year, five houses have turned over with people "about your age" (please insert the appropriate dismayed disgust there) and she doesn’t like change. does one respond to that? "I’m sorry?" She’s basically saying that she hates new people to one of the new people. I really have a warm and fuzzy feeling now. Another is 87. She explained to me that she is older than she looks. Not one to disagree with old ladies, I nodded my head. Another is a young couple, I’d guess 2 years older than me, with a 2 year old daughter who has recently learned the joy of the word, "no." She is adorable. Her name, she told me, is no.

Anyway, this causes the return of the lawn nazi, who commented that neither of the old ladies have ever introduced themselves to him (he moved in about three months before I did). But he made the comment that I really need to get my lawn and my shrubs in order. (I haven't moved my lawn or cut the shrubs since the first or second weekend in November...of course, it was bloody winter. Give me a break. And let us recall that LAST weekend, my lawn was still covered by 7 inches of snow!! I'm just friggin' happy that I've managed to pick up all of the tree branches in my backyard and that I've raked my lawn (to get rid of the winter mold). Give me a break. And I feel awful, because he's such a nice guy. But really, grass manages to grow just fine when we humans don't get in the way. Still manages to shake off the winter blahs and turn vibrantly green and all. Though I guess it's my own fault; I've moved into a neighborhood where everyone pays someone to mow their lawn and all other landscaping.

And, how smart am I? It was jeans day at work today, but I wore a skirt and a tank top. So needless to say, I don't want much clothing touching certain parts of me. BUT I printed out more Lexis cases, and went to my window ledge and sat on the window ledge with the sun on me (I don't *think* I can get sunburnt through the glass. What do I know. It was warm.) Besides, I had the green goo next to me, as well as aloe spray, so I was able to periodically cover myself in goop. It wasn't as nice as yesterday, but the wind was chilly today, it was only in the 50s or so (we never reached our high of 60 today) so it was probably nicer being inside with the sun beating on me. But yes...I'm an idiot. It just, it was such a LONG winter...


  • At 6:40 AM, Blogger NYCbeauty said…

    First, you cannot get sunburned through a window, even if you feel the heat.

    Second, how odd that your neighbors are harping on this now, in the midst of wet, yucky March and April?

    When I was younger, there was a shrub on my neighbor's lawn that kind of blocked our view to the street when we would back the car out. The village ordered the neighbor to either move the shrub, or keep it well trimmed. She never did anything...I wonder what happpend to her

  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger Matthew said…

    Stephanie, I feel your pain. We have a lawn nazi living behind us. He's got a color-coded map of his garden, posted to the fence surrounding it. His lawn looks like a golf course. A spring or summer doesn't go by without him giving us unsolicited advice on what to do with our lawn, the trees in the yard, or the exterior of our house. This, despite the fact we tell him what our plans are. It's a little irksome.

    Your description of the little old lady neighbors cracks me up! :-)

  • At 9:45 AM, Blogger Me said…

    Jen, See, then I'm ok sitting in the sun in my office! Perfect! I get what I want, but I don't get sunburnt!! Yeah, I was irritated at my lawn nazi. The shrubs are in front of my windows in front of my house, and they aren't that bad, but a few are taller than the others. Like I said, that's just how it's grown since NOcember.

    Matthew, so what you are saying is not to bother to move, b/c I'll just be by ANOTHER lawn nazi who may not be as nice?? My Lawn Nazi doesn't have a color coded map at least! I should be thankful for small things!! I am amused and irked at the same time.


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