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I hate it when my Indians game and my Browns games overlap. What am I to do? Luckily, God invented TiVo for such occasions. And, of course, one of my teams is awful and the other of my teams is good. (Though losing by a touchdown for most of the game to the Colts isn't *that* bad.)

I think I broke my foot at football yesterday. I'm not sure. It's swollen bad, but it's not black and blue too bad. It's the top of my foot. I still can't put any weight on it. I'm not happy about this current turn of events in my life, in case you were curious. And it makes it so that I can't mow my lawn b/c I can't walk! I'm not kidding. I mean, I don't LIKE mowing the lawn anyway, but still, I *had* to today, and can't.

And my strep hasn't gone away yet. It to the point where it not only hurts when I swallow, but when I sit here, when I talk, and when I breathe. I guess I'm going to have to give up the power of positive thinking approach that I've gone with for the last two weeks and go to the doctor Monday.

So yeah, I'm falling apart. Is this what happens when one is 29??

And how is Victor Martinez's batting average so high. He hit .207 in April and .213 in May. He was still under .250 at the all star break. And now he's above .300? That is unheard of. I mean, he spent the entire second half of the season well above .350. Not that I'm complaining.

So I bought Indians playoof tickets to game 1 and game 2, totally not thinking about the fact that I'd be in SAN FRAN at the time!! Which sucks b/c I've *never* been in Cleveland during the Indians playoff runs. I always was away at school or working out of state. So that depresses me. I'm sure that I can sell the tickets and not lose the money (they are already sold out), but that's not the point. Can I cancel my trip to San Fran?? Doubtful - I spent $700 on a plane ticket, $1000 on hotel reservations...oh, yeah, and $1200 on the seminar conference. Sigh.


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