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I partied so much this weekend that I gave myself strep. I wish that was some sort of new slang for a great time, but unfortunately, I literally gave myself strep. I am a positive strep carrier, and it comes at will. Evidentally, too much partying is "at will." Damn...

It was a weekend of crushing defeats. My football team. Ohio State (party at the Dive Bar was awesome though, until the last 3 minutes or so of the game.) The Browns (expected. That game was watched via recovery on my couch...) In fact, Sunday was total recovery day, until a bad influence called me and said, "get your drunk, hung over, lazy ass off your couch and get over here. My friend is coming over with his friends, and we are all going to the Indians game tonight. $5 tickets." Sigh. Twist my arm...

Actually, let's talk about my football team for a moment. We didn't even have enough guys show, I had to bring some guys from the bar. Excellent. The other team actually started doing leapfrogs and stuff like that on the line ups. Uncalled for.

Ahh, yes, but there were a few good things. The Indians series, sweeping the Twins. and essentially knocking the Twins out of the playoff wild card hunt. See ya next year, guys... (Though we will - the Central has a lot of good, young teams. I can see Minnestoa, Cleveland, and Detroit making it a very good division.) So now we have 3 with Oakland. Frightening. And we have won 7 in a row - we are prime for a slight losing streak. Maybe. (I think Clevelanders are perpetually ready for the bottom to fall out. So we are all ready for them to knock themself out of playoff contention. Hey, we Clevelanders are tough. We know how the world works...)

And it's an Indian summer baby! Of course, I mean the temperature (it's on the 80s the next few days - yay!) but it's also an Indians summer. Hey, Cleveland, in case you didn't notice, your Indians are in a playoff race. Actually, they are leading it right now. Why aren't you showing up at the games? We have the third lowest attendance in baseball. Embarrassing. They are putting a playoff calliber team on the field. Not the best in anything (well, our bullpen) but a team with no huge holes. There is a reason that Sportscenter is so high on Cleveland right now...

My friend came up with the best new word ever: Whorestorical. Though my other friend then came up with whoretastical, which is also awesome. Both are the types of descriptive words that we enjoy. Or maybe we just enjoy saying the word whore??

Finally, my horoscope today:
Usually, you and your conscience are pretty well acquainted, but there might be something deeply buried in your psyche that you've been trying to work around for a little too long. Drag it out into the light, and you'll feel so much better.
I am taking this as a sign to email an old "friend" (I use friend in quotations b/c we really aren't anymore - HUGE falling out which I take blame for), as I will be in the area soon. (Plus, I asked the Magic 8 ball if I should and it said that the outlook was good.) How that one will end - well, sometimes we all walk into a fire knowing we'll get burned, right? I'll tell you about it someday.


  • At 10:29 PM, Blogger EasyW said…

    I had a friend who once made up a funny word - jizimwhipple. No one is sure what the hell it means, least of all him, because he made it up while tripping on acid.

    Funny memory, though.

    Speaking of strange journeys, how bout that OU game? Un-fuckin-believeable!


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