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I have lots of words. That comes as a great shock from she who brought you this and this and this and this, among others, no?

Anyway, because it's easiest for me, I have the entire family on my cell phone bill. And I get the cell phone bill for my family. We have 1100 minutes in our plan, free Sprint to Sprint minutes, and free nights and weekends after 7 pm. We use less than half our minutes on a normal month, by the way.

In part because this past month, I only used 86 minutes in my plan. (I've used less before.) This is less than the rest of my family, which is really amazing when one thinks abot how much I like to talk. In fact, I'm rather proud of myself.


You look the non-plan and unlimited nights and weekends minutes and Sprint to Sprint calls. My mom, dad and sister all used between 350 and 375 minutes each.

Me? I used 2106 minutes.


What the hell IS that? That's like 35 hours on the phone a month.

And the scary thing - that's just my Sprint bill. That doesn't count the Verizon bill!!


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