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Did you know that there is a Shop-a-holics Rehab? [I bring this up only in light of my own shoe problem. I think I need help for it. When your job supports your addictions, you know you have issues. And this is a serious matter.]

"[T]the compulsive shopper really does have an addiction. This is a true disorder which affects about eight percent of the U.S. population. Ninety percent of those affected are women. Compulsive-Shopping Disorder (CSD) is an obsessive-compulsive disorder like compulsive gambling or compulsive binge eating. In fact, people with other addictive behaviors may also suffer from CSD." From here.

In fact, "Doctors have begun to treat people who suffer from a compulsive need to shop with a drug originally designed to treat depression. ... US doctors have responded by prescribing the drug Cipramil for shopaholics who carry on buying despite running into huge debt.
The drug is an anti-depressant from the same family as Prozac. " From here.

I somehow feel better know that my shoe obsession has a name for it. Now for those voices in my head...


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