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I own a 12 inch Yoda Pex dispenser. I can feel the jealousy radiating even over the computer...

I've evidently disappointed a lot of people. Shocking, I know. But in the last day, I've gotten three emails demanding to know where I was. I'm loved, I really am. (More likely you have nothing better to do at work, but I'll take what I can get.) I'm not dead. I'm not kidnapped by Republicans. Not trapped under something heavy. I'm just a loser.

So what's my excuse. I could give some sort of "washing my hair" excuse, but really, I've been busy. Thus the lack of Stephanie-ness.

The Bon Jovi concert last Tuesday flat out rocked. I was exhausted - I had been up until 3.30 am working the night before. But it was a great concert. My favorite was there he sang Always, but it was done not the way he sings it on the album, and it was so awesome. So full of emotion. And I'm sorry, but regardless of whether he is 40, Bon Jovi is f-ing hot.

Wednesday I had a NCCJ business dinner/awards ceremony. Have you ever noticed that the meals at such events is always chicken? And chicken is some sort of unidentifiable sauce at that. I don't get it. I want to introduce them to other main dishses. Business awards dinners, meet beef. Or fish. But perhaps that's where the expression, "tastes like chicken" comes from? It *is* all chicken and whoever came up with the expression was too stupid to realize that.

Thursday was somewhat random. After playing in my two soccer games, I agreed to go out for drinks with the other team. Because my team was being lame. Have I mentioned the dirty team before? That's them. But they seem perfectly nice. I don't even remember which two it was from last season that made me call them the dirty team. But they were going out, and I do love my alcohol. So I tagged along. That was perfectly fun, and the one just might have out dorked me (it was close; I refuse to concede!) The only problem with being social with one's enemies is that I had a 6.30 am meeting on Friday (which, by the way, is ungodly. 6.30 AM I mean.) You now, I am uncapable of functioning that early in the am. And as I don't drink caffeine, that wasn't going to help. (I would have killed for some coke. I don't mean that as bad as it sounds.)

And then I went to DC. :) I didn't really do anything DC related. I ate out at different restaurants than I always eat out at here. I went shopping (my friends have come to the consensus that they hate my clothes. It's actually quite funny, b/c it started with two, and I'll mention it to someone else, and they'll say, "oh, me too." It's even funnier b/c my clothes are plain t-shirts. How does one hate plain t-shirts? Alas...) I went to seem my cousin, who lives in DC. I think he enjoys me b/c I'm crazy. And I mean that in the best way possible. Whenever anyone talks to me, they immediately feel better about their own lives. I have that effect on people. I suspect it's because of the mess I've made of my own life, but whatever.

But I should not be left to my own devices. So when talking to a couple of friends today about the type of guy that I should be with. Money quip: "In Stephanie's case, I think at least one person in every relationship should believe in gravity." I guess I agree that differences of opinion are good in a relationship.

OH! Arrested Development. One word to Fox: BOOOOOOO!

Tomorrow I am participating in a reenactment of the Underground Railroad at Hale Farm. It should be interesting. And of course, at night is the 2005 Northeast Ohio Top 25 Under 35: Movers and Shakers Awards & 2nd Annual State of the Young Professional City Address. It's being held at The Club at Key Center starting at 6.30. Everyone should try to make it if possible. It should be really interesting. And I'll be there, what else should mater. :)

Oh, and speaking of me, which I can do without impunity because this is my space to ramble in, when the times comes (February) I shall make all you from Cleveland come to the Easter Seals Guys and Dolls Raffle. I was talked into participating (and in turn, talked my friends into participating). Which means that I have to come up with a date package (ideas accepted. And keep in mind that I may have to spend the time with a sketchy 60 year old or something, so I'm hesitant on the overnight ideas) and whatnot. All the money goes to charity, but for those who know me, this is really taking me OUT of my comfort zone. So you will all be forced to come so that I will have someone to ramble to about how this isn't fun at all and how freaked out I am You can even try to win my friends. (I won't force you to raffle for me. Listening to me ramble on a blog is more than enough. Can you imagine me off online?)

Poor pig. :(

And I'm not sure if this is love or stupidity? Opinions?


  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said…

    Regarding chicken - it's the safe choice. Some people will not eat red meat, some people will not eat pork, and I guess chicken is more popular than fish.

    Go to Argentina or Brazil on business - you'll probably get fish there.

  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger Steppie said…

    and here i thought that you were avoiding your blog b/c of the steelers/browns game last sunday... good to have you back tho!

  • At 11:04 PM, Blogger Yoga Korunta said…

    One would bet the parents, shooter, and shootee are from the same unbranched, country music family tree.

  • At 2:15 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    I admit: it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one neglecting my blog duties. I'll justify it this past week by saying I'm in mourning about Arrested Development. Because I am! Though, I too was out of town.

    As for whether it's love or stupidity, I'd say redneck love, which is essentially stupidity.

  • At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Caren said…

    I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to call you! Things were a bit... insane... is putting it lightly. Next time you come to DC we'll have to get together!

  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger Eden said…

    On a Yoda-related note, eBay has an image of him flipping people off: here


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