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The dog sitting experience is over. My friend went out of town to go to a wedding, and dropped his dog off Friday afternoon. I had stopped at my house before I went out, it was about 6.30, so he had been home for about 5.5 hours, and I get there, and he's shit in the cage. Ugh. I didn't get much sleep this weekend dogsitting either. On Friday night, I got home around 1.30, walked the dog, and went to bed. My friend explained that he let his dog sleep in his room, not in his cage. So I tried that. Around 3.30 (after not being asleep) I finally decided that I could not have a dog, who insisted on sleeping in my bed, or walking around, making noise, getting into things, and have sleep. So I went and put him in his cage. 20 minutes of him howling (and I mean howling, I went and took him out again and put him in the office. I figured there were less things for him to get into there. Four hours later, I got up and went into the bedroom. In 4 hours, he nad opened the closet and taken out three bags and chewed them up, "read" two books (and by "read" I mean ate) and then shit all over the floor. He SHIT on my floor. Give me a greak. He had just been out 4 hours earlier. Was that really necessary?? So yeah, I had an entire 4 hours of restless sleep Friday night. Then Saturday night...well, let's not talk about Saturday night. It was pretty bad. What does it mean when my friends were excited to see me wasted b/c, "we've never seen you like this, you never let go and lose control." Great...Glad to amuse you all...

Speaking of Friday, I had plans to meet some friends for happy hour in Garfield Heights. Then a second bar in Garfield Heights. And a third bar in Garfield Heights. I haven't really been to Garfield Heights that often, so that was an experience for me. At the third bar, you could barely see the end of the bar it was so smokey. And my friend said that it was better there than most bars in the area. I miss bars in NY where you can't smoke in them. That was heaven.

Also, I am convinced that my friend has no male friends. Friday night it was one guy and five girls. (I also think that we worried him. He took a girl that he has gone out with a few times to a wedding on Sweetest Day. My friends told him that if he takes a girl to a wedding, she's wondering when hers is, and that it was a huge step and it signified something serious with the relationship. (I didn't necessarily agree, but it was somewhat intriguing seeing him somewhat panicked and saying, "What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking." Besides, what the hell do I know about relationships. Maybe it does signify some major step.)

So today was mostly recovering. Dogless from about 2 or so. Lying on my couch. Watching television (boy, did the Browns look bad!), candles lit. There really is no better way to spend a Sunday. I'm supposed to be mowing my lawn, cleaning my house before my party next week, doing laundry, cooking...and yet, I just want to be lazy. I know, I know, I'm awful.

Oh, football yesterday. We lost, as usual, 8-12, but here's my thing. I got to throw the ball twice total. One of those was our lone touchdown. Last week (the game I missed, the QB missed, and the backup QB missed), the lone touchdown was by a girl (she isn't on our team, but was a sub.) The week before, we had 3 touchdowns - that week, all three of the QB threw for one of them. Now, if the girls are throwing the ball only a few times a game, and yet they are scoring more than the guys (3 of 5 TDs)...why aren't the girls the regular QB? These are the things that I wonder...


  • At 7:24 PM, Blogger Yoga Korunta said…

    Make your friend clean the cage!

  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger Me said…

    That wouldn't work - he did that on Friday night. I couldn't put the dog in a dirty cage for the rest of the weekend!

  • At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Keith said…

    Lose control, eh? Hmm...

  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger tadvent said…

    Watch out in Garfield Hts. Bars!
    The GHPD is one of the top cities for handing out DUI's.
    I lived there for years. It never used to be that way until the city saw how much money they could make off it and how many bars they have in their city.

    The bars are great though. If you are into Old School shot and beer joints.


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