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I think I'm doomed to be a Midwest girl. When I lived in New York City, I was out of place. New York City is full of world weary, hardened people. You can't look them in the eye - if you were to do so, they would instinctively move away from you. I care too much, my eyes reflect that. But I was out of place in San Francisco as well. They are laid back. I have too much nervous energy. Too much intensity. Perhaps I'm homeless? Out of place everywhere?

So San Francisco. I was finally getting over being sick. Yet spend 5+ hours on a plane twice in a five day period - yeah, I'm sick again. Actually, the time change confused me. I was hungry at 1. And I had eaten breakfast, and I couldn't figure out why. Finally, it occurred to me that it was 4 back East. Yes, I'm just that slow.

I didn't bother packing Tuesday night, so I was doing so at 6 am. Not too mich I can think at am. Which means that I got on the airplane, realizing that I've forgotten: (1) a brush/comb; (2) my watch; and (3) my jewelry. This creates several problems for me. Mainly the fact that I just don't feel complete without my jewelry. You know those dreams where you are walking around naked and everyone is staring at you? Well, ok, no one is staring b/c it's just jewelry, but I feel just as naked. Vulnerable. So I bought a cheap watch (I already have three of them), and picked up a bracelet and two rings. By the end of my trip, I had bought four bracelets and five rings (I wear four at a time - on my two pinkies and my two middle fingers. I found the fifth one and switched it for one that I already bought). One of the bracelets is a mood bracelet - like those cheap rings I wore when I was child - and I'm captivated by the way that it changes color. No, I don't think that it tells me mood - I realize that it's my body temperature - but that doesn't change the fact that I watch it change from black to red, blues, greens and even purples. The red will sometime have a swash of yellor around it. It's fantastic. However, it's not my favorite. The one I bought has become my new favorite bracelet I own. Just under an inch wide, silver (always silver, I hate gold colored jewelry) with words carven into it. Soul... Spirit... Search... Faith... Harmony... Hope... Balance... Inspire... Trust... Dream... Endure... Love... Peace... I have no idea why it's my favorite bracelet, but I love it.

It was a busy week in San Fran. First, the Blue Angels were there. So lots of men in uniform walking around town. It wasn't that long ago that they were here in Cleveland. I feel like I'm stalking them or something. Then, it was Fleet Week (I'm not sure if they are connected or not.) Basically, even more guys in uniform walking around. Unlike Cleveland, where only about half of them were in uniform, here, all were in uniform. I finally learned (or they claimed) that it was mandated. Lots of foreigners. One evening I dined with (and discussed politics with) a New Zealander, who had a charming accent. He was most enjoyable. Another evening I met a nice French girl who was studying here, and she "loved" everything. Though the men in uniform, Ifelt like I was translating everything. Her English wasn't that bad - they were just that drunk. I felt for her through - she's been here a month, and when I asked her why she was alone, she said that she didn't know anyone here. She is going to school, taking classes, shouldn't she have friends?

Finally, there was some PGA tour in San Fran, and evidently all 70 of the golfers were at my hotel. My first night there, I saw Tiger Woods in the lobby. Hotel bar. I was sitting at the table next to him. I said hi. He looked at me like I was bothering him. Don't sit in the hotel lobby if you want to be all inconspicuous. Grr. Then, my last morning there (and I do mean morning, it was about 6.40 am) I'm waiting for the elevator. This guy is waiting with me. We get on the elevator together. He's trying to make small talk, which I make monotone answers to. Maybe they weren't even answers, maybe they are just grunts. I'm not sure. The elevator stops on the 17th floor, and another guy gets on. I don't really pay much attention to him. I'm still sleeping and beyond even caring to be polite and grunt back. But the guy already on the elevator clearly recognizes the new arrival. They start talking - the new one has an accent - about the number of events they have left for the year (one and six - the one with one planned it that way.) As we got off the elevator, the one says to the other "See you later Vijay." It then occurs to me that they are wearing golf pants. Obviously, the one with the accent that the guy on the elevator called "Vijay" was Vijay Singh. No idea who the other guy was though. Guess I should pay more attention at 6.40 am. (I also learned that there was some filming of some movie, and all the cast and crew were there. No idea what movie it was or who was in it. I didn't see anyone.)

Things I hate about fall/winter. Not only is it cold, but its dark out by 8 pm. ALREADY. I though that was bad. Yet in San Fran, it got dark even earlier. Ugh!! Though fall does have some positive traits, mainly the season of ripe apples and in season squash. Squash is my favoritest vegetable, so yes, this is very happy for me. What can I say?? I'm an easy sort of girl.

I somehow have the uncanny ability to manage to make enemies everywhere. Even in line for the airplane bathroom. Just by being me. This particular one: Red Sox fan. I was glad that Boston lost. Swept, in fact. And not just because they beat us for the wild card (or, rather, our team lost the wild card, a more accurate description of their play that last week). But because now that Boston has won, they are the same as the Yankees, they just aren't as good at it. And they don't see it. Before they won, you felt for them and their fans. Now, their payroll is second highest in baseball. They have more players from other teams (and fewer home grown, farm system players) than the Yankees. What made them different is now gone. And let's review. All 8 of the teams in the playoffs were in the top half of payroll. NYY (1), Red Sox (2), LA Angels (5), Cardinals (10), Astros (11), Braves (12), White Sox (13) and Padres (15). For the first time, no "small market" teams (i.e. the Twins or Athletics the last few years) made the playoffs. Ahh, yes, what this illustrated was what Bud Selig stated. The small market teams can't compete. If everything falls right for the small market teams, they can one year or the next, but at the end of the day, they cannot sustain that competitiveness. For the last 10 years, the Yankees have finished #1 in the East every year but one. Tampa Bay has finished last every year but one. I wonder what will happen at the end of '06 (when I believe the current labor contract is up.) The fact is, the fight won't be steroids (like it was last time) because the Union likely realizes that if they don't do something, Congress will. Which leaves the salary cap. The luxury tax hasn't worked. NHL just sat out for a year over this very issue. I expect that baseball is closely watching to see how NHLs fans react to the year off. Testing the market, so to speak. But I'm also sure that it hasn't excaped the Union that at the end of the day, the NHL ended up with a salary cap. I know, I know, baseball is different from all sports. Not subject to anti-trust laws. But at the same time, I dont think that's a challenge that they want to make, because a court case could make that exemption go away. At least now they have the argument.


  • At 4:39 AM, Blogger Yoga Korunta said…

    Welcome back, Stephanie!

  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    "... I just don't feel complete without my jewelry."

    Girl, I know the feeling.

    Seriously though, if I forgot to put on my watch or ring, I notice it later in the day, and then feel rather naked without them.

    I regret that Autumn brings the days to a close earlier and earlier, but there's just something about the crisp air and autumnal leaves that I just love.

    And, much like yourself, I tend to make automatic enemies rather easily, sometimes just based on how people perceive my body language. Not sure what the deal is there.

    Oh well. It's great to have a new, long post from you, Stephanie!

    Take care.

  • At 11:28 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Thanks Yoga.

    Matthew, I am glad that you understand that feeling. Like all is not right in the universe. I agree that I like the smell of the fall, but I really hate the fact that the sun becomes a stranger. :( And I'd rather legitimately make enemies than falsely make friends, you know? But it's all my attitude. She said she was a Boston fan (I commented that I hated the Yankees), but I couldn't help saying that I was rooting against the White Sox too.

  • At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello I went to your website because I googled "bracelet endure love peace". My friend gave my twin sister the same bracelet that is now your favorite. Where did you buy it??? My friend said the place where she bought it ran out and she lives in the east coast. I live near san francisco and I'm hoping you bought it in the bay area. Anyways, please email at I really love the bracelet and want to get one for my own. ;) Thanks.


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