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I was told that I must update my blog b/c a blog must be updated everyday. I'm sorry - I don't have time to do that. Though I will humor you today...

The State of the City Address on Wednesday was nice, though I was (again) unimpressed and uninspired by Frank Jackson. Shock, I know. Earlier that day, I was a runaway slave doing a reenactment of the underground railroad at Hale Farm and Village. We had to sign a waiver: "During the program, I will be portraying the part of a figitive slave in the year 1852. This program is designed to smulate the xperiences of a typical fugitive slave, and includes the use of aggressive language and intimidation. Mild profanity may be used. At no time will visitors ever be in physical danger." First, I wasn't allowed to look anyone in the eye, so when I went to the State of the City, I had to remind myself I was now allowed to look people in the eye because I wasn't slave in 1852. It was very confusing for someone like me. Second, because I came from running around Hale Farm in the mud, I was wearing jean and sneakers. I didn't have time to get home before I went to the State of the City Address. Needless to say, I was the only person there in jeans. Awesome. Luciky, I really don't care.

Last night, the dumbest thing that I did all day was go out to play soccer. It was in the 20s when I played, and I actually played two games. I was dressed in so many layers it wasn't even funny. I had on two layers of socks, two layers of pants, five layers of shirts (all grey, which is our team color), a hat, gloves, a scarf. I looked ridiculous. Abslutely ridiculous. And it didn't even work that much. The first game I felt ok, playing forward and running around and whatnot. The second game I was playing defense and I was absolutely freezing. I couldn't warm up no matter what, and it actually hurt my foot when I kicked the ball. I tell you, soccer was not meant to be played in the snow when it's 25 degrees out. Do you have any idea what it feels like when that cold, hard ball his your? And two guys were actually playing in shorts. They were INSANE. I mean, I'm questionably certifiable b/c I play in the fall session, but two two guys in shorts were INSANE.

I went out with two guys on the other team again, one of the guys on my softball team, and four of my friends. It was an odd mixing, but that's ok. I do think that we scared the two guys from the other team. My friends and I can be a bit...much...when we get together, I guess.

Tonight, I am going to see Harry Potter. I am such a dork, I know. :) I also bought Rent tickets for February. It's my favorite musical. In fact, the other day I had the music going through my head. It's sad when I can hear the entire musical in my head and don't even need my iPod to do it. I have problems, don't I? (Oh, that can be answered on so many levels...)

However, I was specifically asked to help Veronica Mars. Why such a great show needs help s beyond me. Americans are stupid. (I say this like, after all this time, it actually surprises me.) My friend told me to tell everyone that this week's Veronica may very well have been the best one ever. I am not sure if that's true, but any time that I have lots of Logan, I'm happy. Really, he is *such* an asshole. I adore him. I still maintain that he is the best character on television.

NEXT week's looks like it will be awesome though. "Watch Veronica Mars, Wednesdays at 9:00, UPN (yes, I know it's on opposite Lost. Either Tivo it, or watch it instead. Trust me. Please."


  • At 3:32 PM, Blogger Yoga Korunta said…

    If men can wear shorts, women can wear skirts! When's the next game?


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