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Ohio State/Michigan. I went to the Dive Bar. I got there around 11 - my friends were there around 10. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is, to start drinking when that early in the am? (Though it makes for an early night usually - people are rather drunk and tired by 6 and there is no way they are making it all night until 2 am.)

But it was a great place to watcth the game. The atmosphere was awesome. At least if you were an OSU fan. (How many times can drunk 20-30 somethings sing, "Hang on Sloopy." Oh, and can I just say that whatever else, Jim Tressel is a god. 4-1 vs Michigan. They have no power over whether they will get a BSC berth, but I suspect that they will. They certainly did nothing yesterday to hurt that (other than special teams and turnovrs), and their two losses came to the team ranked #1/2 and by the co-champs of the Big 10. On the road. I think they should go. But as I said, OSU has no power over that. (I would like to tell everyone that as a matter of fact, I did not drink at the bar. At all.)

Harry Potter left out so much. It was driving my crazy. I understand why - the book was way too long. But oh my gosh, that was evil. And someone told me it was 3 hours long; it was clearly much less.


  • At 6:56 PM, Blogger Jim Eastman said…

    Go Penn State!

    *ducks the ensuing onslaught of OSU fans*


    -Jim (native Pennsylvanian)

  • At 4:10 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    I was at the game, and I would so much prefer hearing drunks sing "Hang on Sloopy" over and over than hear "Hail to the Victors" every. two. seconds. But still, it was an exciting game to go to, and Tressel and Troy Smith completely own Michigan's asses.

    OSU better be headed to a BCS game, especially considering they barely lost to the #2 and #3 BCS teams. Sure, there were mistakes in the Michigan game, but they overcame them to rally to a 4th quarter win in a hostile environment. That's six wins in a row. They're playing just as good as any of the top teams in the country.

    As for Harry Potter, I thought they did a good job of taking some of condensing some of the potentially confusing material in GoF. Like, I didn't mind that they left out Winky. I was most disappointed that there weren't many scenes with the adults. I especially wanted more Sirius. But, I understand why they had to do it, to put more of a focus on Harry going it alone.


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