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Happy Holidays everyone!

To further define irony, it snowed Christmas night, so I woke up to a white ground again on the 26th.

Christmas dinner went off well. And my grandparents had a good time, which is really the perfect Christmas present. Though my dad did have to bring plates over. D'oh! But at least after Christmas, I have silverware. That's an adult accomplishment, right?

So I've had a great day off work. I read a couple of books (well, I'm not done with the second yet). I watched a few movies (Brothers Grimm and The 40 Year Old Virgin.) I drank some wine (pinot grigio - and no, I don't like wine generally). I have candles lit (it's a combined smell of vanilla, black cherry and bluebery and is heavenly). And I'm currently watching Field of Dreams right now (my ultimate chicken soup movie - I love the concept of magic. And baseball.) Life is, simply put, perfect.

So I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. And that they are looking forward to New Years Eve celebrations.


  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger EasyW said…

    IF you like the combination of magic and baseball you should really watch the straight-to-DVD release of "3rd and Euclid". Its about a crazy street corner preacher with magical powers who makes the Cleveland Indians disappear - forever. Talk about you happy endings! Soundtrack by Micharl Stanley!

    As a side note, I hear a sequel is in the works, one that tackles football and.. you guessed it... he makes the Browns disappear!!!

  • At 3:33 PM, Blogger NYCbeauty said…

    For some reason, I have no spoons. I have to get some of those, but besides that, my flatware drawer is complete

  • At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Caren said…

    Field of Dreams is one of my all time faves....


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