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Playing soccer in 8 inches of snow is an experience. The ref actually had to take a shovel and was shovelling the snow off the field. (Just the sidelines so we could see out of bounds and the goal area). You can't dribble the ball, and it is unpredictable in how it moves and if it stays in bounds. The game involved a lot of falling, a lot of slipping, forgetting the ball, and totally missing it. Oh, and one or two snow angels. Granted, my toes were FREEZING by the end of the game, but still...

Soccer is not meant to be played in 8 inches of snow...but it sure makes it more fun to watch. I could not stop laughing. And there were two idiots in shorts. (One was my brother.)

And in the second half, the ref actually laced up and played on the other team. The funny part was that without him, they were winning. With him, we won scored 5 unanswered goals to win 7-4. (Though to be fair, that was less his fault and more that my team stopped laughing at each other.

But there were these cars that kept driving by, really slowly, every few minutes. And it was mostly the same cars. I am not sure if I should expect to see in the paper, "stupid white kids play soccer in snow" or if some drug dealers were getting a little pissy at us... Regardless, it freaked me out.


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