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Can you believe this?

Calling All Conservative Bloggers!

You exposed RatherGate by proving the CBS documents were fake -- nice work! But now the liberals have found a bunch more documents so our work is not done. Let's get to work proving that these are fake, too!

Dick Cheney's DUI
George W. Bush's DUI
George W. Bush's Second DUI
Bush and Cheney have excellent judgement and would never get behind the wheel while drunk.

Memo to Ken Lay
Second Memo to Ken Lay
Ken Lay has been indicted on felony fraud charges -- there is NO WAY he was this close with President Bush.

Bush Daughters' Possession of Alcohol
It must be fake: This is clearly a liberal media snow job on these poor girls.

Osama Warning Document Part 1
Osama Warning Document Part 2
This so called "official document" suggests that Bush was asleep at wheel before 9-11. Get real.

Are there any other fake documents we are missing? Please send them to us so we can post them on this site for conservative bloggers to debunk.

Oh my god...are they serious?

In other fun news, check out the Global Rich List, from Left is Right. I have learned that I am the 35,289,565 richest person in the world...There are 5,964,710,435 people poorer than you. That puts me in the top 0.588%. Considering my student loans, house payments, bank account, and 401K, that is pretty pathetic. Of course, they don't ask those questions.


  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said…

    Re "Considering my student loans, house payments, bank account, and 401K, that is pretty pathetic." In many parts of the world, people would scratch their heads at the very concepts we take for granted. Private financial institutions that give money to students? Houses that cost over one hundred thousand dollars?

    I remember hearing that when "The Day After" was shown in the then-Soviet Union, the viewers weren't amazed at the story - they were amazed at the grocery stores stocked with food.

    Didn't know that Dick Cheney had a DUI.


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