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So I'm happy today. Today was bonus day. Extra money (that I've already spent on my house, granted). This is a good day because it's not the performance review - that comes in January and I'm sure I'll vent ALL about that. So this was just a happy day with money and no "you suck because..." lessons.

Anyway, I've been frustrated on and off at the firm, depending on my day. For lots of reasons. But I've been saying the entire time, "ok, I know this bonus will be at least $10, but it better be closer to $15 than $10 or else I'm leaving. I've been here two years now" (in October, happy anniversary to me).

So...this was a deal breaker for me. Headhunters regularly show me the love because I'm brilliant. And I'm in the window where I'm most in valuable to other firms. I'm done with the initial training, but I'm not too close to partnership that they have to pay senior-level associate/junior partner salary. OK, fine, more the second than any proof whatsoever of the former. ;-)

Anyway, let's just say that I got more than I expected, and even more than I thought was realistic to hope for. This is truly exciting b/c that means that while I *have* spend all of my bonus on purchases throught the year and my $3000 annual Roth IRA contribution, I have *not* spend ANY of my tax return (I thought I spent that alerady as well.) So in March, I'll get some money that I *haven't* spent yet!!

Woo hoo.


  • At 8:26 PM, Blogger p.p. said…

    Congrats! mmm... the smell of $. Gotta love it.


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