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A few comments about Jump Back Ball for now:

(1) No one was wearing an entire suit of armor :(

(2) Several guys were wearing chainmail armor pieces, which was cool.

(3) The Mayor of Cleveland helped me pick out shoes to wear with my dress.

(4) When putting on long lasting lipstick, it was more brown and didn't go well with my dress...but for the life of me I couldn't get the damn lipstick off. I swear, the skin on my lips was coming off, but that lipstick was staying there.

(5) It did not occur to me until Saturday night that I needed a bra to wear under the spaghetti strap dress. Uh oh. How idiotic am I???

(6) Luckily the fortune teller was an actor and not real. ;-)

(7) I won one of the raffle prizes.

Perhaps a full update later. But I hit the highlights.


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