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You know how, you meet someone and you think, "I could like this person." So you give out your cell number. Maybe your work number. And your email address.

And all is good at first, yay, the early feelings of contentment as whatnot. You guys communicate often. Forging a relationship. Get to know each other better. Discuss your opinions. The way that you see the world.

And then something happens, and you know it's over, but they refuse to accept that it's over. They keep calling. And writing. And you don't respond anymore; you don't want to lead them on. You don't want to be mean, but they sure are irritating you. You regret giving them your contact information. You'd totally change it, if it wasn't a pain in the ass for everyone else. You are starting to feel clausterphobic. Smothered.

That's how I now feel about John Kerry. He keeps emailing me. He just won't stop. I regret giving him my email address. I just want to tell him, "John, give it up. It's over. It's been over for months now. Go on with your life. Forget about me."


  • At 2:16 PM, Anonymous JasonB said…

    Thank you for writing this. I now know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    I think we need to stage an intervention with him or something.

  • At 3:01 PM, Blogger Me said…

    And I'm just glad that *I'm* not the only one!! :) But an intervention - I wish I had thought of that!!

  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    You could write him a "Dear John" letter! *snort*

    Block him. Just do it.

  • At 10:55 AM, Blogger Jen said…

    He is cheating on me!

    Here I was thinking he was obsessed with me!!!

  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger Me said…

    Dear John. Hah!
    Oh, he's cheating on all of us...

  • At 4:17 PM, Blogger Eden said…

    I tried to comment yesterday but the comments weren't working for me.

    I got the same letter! He's a two-timer! Anyhoo, I thought the exact same thing. It's like, "I volunteered for you, I voted for you. I did my part. Now shut up, roll over and let me go to sleep already."

  • At 4:20 PM, Blogger Jeff Hess said…

    Shalom Stephanie,

    Great piece. Thank goodness for call- and email-blocking.



  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger p.p. said…

    This is the same way I felt when I received his last email a few day ago.

    But an email from Bill C. would always be appreciated. We've lost touch. :/

  • At 5:03 AM, Blogger Jeff Hess said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 5:05 AM, Blogger Jeff Hess said…

    Shalom Stephanie,

    First this made me laugh. Then it made me smile. Then it made me think.

    We just spent half a billion dollars educating John Kerry on how to run for president. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just toss away that investment only because he lost by the smallest margin of any presidential candidate running against a sitting president in the history of your young nation.




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