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Another fun case for lawyers to chuckle at.

Footnote one says: "The trial transcript quotes Ms. Hayden as saying Murphey caller he a snitch bitch "hoe." A "hoe," of course, is a tool used for weeding and gardening. We think the court reporter, unfamiliar with rap music (perhaps thankfully so), misunderstood Hayden's response. We have taken the liberty of changing "hoe" to "ho," a staple of rap music vernacular as, for example, when Ludacris raps "You doin' ho activities with ho tendencies."

United States of America (Plaintiff-Appellees, Cross-Appellant) v. Murphey (Defendant-Appellant, Cross-Appellee), Nos. 01-2032, 04-2293 & 04-2309 (7th Cir. Jan. 25, 2005)

Written by Circuit Judge Evans


  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said…

    Well, Nelly DID collaborate with Tim McGraw. Perhaps if they ever work on a slightly raunchier song, a man will go out one night and search for a cheap farm implement.

    Off topic, you may want to peek at this. Now that they're not firing you, perhaps they can promote you.


  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger Dennis! said…

    OMG, that is just too damn funny.


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