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You realize, of course, that now I'm in a position where I have to root for the Yankees?? You realize the inner conflict this puts me in?? You realize the self loathing I feel right now?? The YANKEES!?!


Why do the Indians hate me? Just a general question. Oh, there are Mrs. Sizemore shirts now. Grady is adorable, but he's like 22. Isn't that kind of creepy??

Why did Chewbacca throw out the first pitch at Fenway? I love Star Wars as much as the next girl, but come on...

DeLay? What is there to say? So let's assume he's convicted. Is there any chance that Bush won't pardon him?? Give me a break.

So Veronica Mars started without letting me know who knocked at her door at the end of last season. Don't worry, they got to it, but I was really upset for a moment. I'm surprised that it was who it was who knocked on her door (I won't spoil it, just in case.) Not who I guessed. Logan appears to be as much of an asshole as ever. I adore him. I adore him. There is something wong with me. Alas...

I'm paying attention to the intelligent design case in Pa. Of course, what the district court and what the Third Circuit does is irrelevant. What matters is a few years when the case gets to the SCOTUS.


Numbers for Indians fans this week

6 - Guaranteed to win the division
5 - Guaranteed to win the wild card
4 - Guaranteed to at least tie for the wild card, meaning at worst, there is a playoff game on Monday.

Of course, they may also be the number of times that Stephanie will throw up this week. It's hard to say.


I hate it when my Indians game and my Browns games overlap. What am I to do? Luckily, God invented TiVo for such occasions. And, of course, one of my teams is awful and the other of my teams is good. (Though losing by a touchdown for most of the game to the Colts isn't *that* bad.)

I think I broke my foot at football yesterday. I'm not sure. It's swollen bad, but it's not black and blue too bad. It's the top of my foot. I still can't put any weight on it. I'm not happy about this current turn of events in my life, in case you were curious. And it makes it so that I can't mow my lawn b/c I can't walk! I'm not kidding. I mean, I don't LIKE mowing the lawn anyway, but still, I *had* to today, and can't.

And my strep hasn't gone away yet. It to the point where it not only hurts when I swallow, but when I sit here, when I talk, and when I breathe. I guess I'm going to have to give up the power of positive thinking approach that I've gone with for the last two weeks and go to the doctor Monday.

So yeah, I'm falling apart. Is this what happens when one is 29??

And how is Victor Martinez's batting average so high. He hit .207 in April and .213 in May. He was still under .250 at the all star break. And now he's above .300? That is unheard of. I mean, he spent the entire second half of the season well above .350. Not that I'm complaining.

So I bought Indians playoof tickets to game 1 and game 2, totally not thinking about the fact that I'd be in SAN FRAN at the time!! Which sucks b/c I've *never* been in Cleveland during the Indians playoff runs. I always was away at school or working out of state. So that depresses me. I'm sure that I can sell the tickets and not lose the money (they are already sold out), but that's not the point. Can I cancel my trip to San Fran?? Doubtful - I spent $700 on a plane ticket, $1000 on hotel reservations...oh, yeah, and $1200 on the seminar conference. Sigh.


I don't like change. So when the Convo Center became the Wolstein Center, I gritted my teeth and didn't say anything, even though I was most displeased. But when Gund Arena becomes Quicken Loans Arena (or "The Q") I cannot stay silent anymore. I'm sorry, it sounds silly to say, "I'm going to the Q."

And just so I'm not mistaken, when you are interviewing for one job, and the person you are interviewing with tells you that you should - and want to - work in a completely different career ... that's not a good sign, right??

This past weekend, we were talking about Gillette's new razor that has the 5 blades, with a 6th blade on the back? SIX blades total. AND it vibrates. Can anyone else say lawn mower??

And how about my Indians?? Though I've been saying that I'd give my first born if the Yankees don't make the playoffs. We were keeping them out - until Boston decided that they wanted the Yankees to get to the playoffs. Idiots.


A few events around Cleveland this week:

Thursday, Sept. 22
1st Annual Party With A Purpose at Blind Pig
All proceeds to go to the Jeff Boskovitch Foundation
$21 at the door (in honor of the 21 lives lost)
Unlimited Miller Lite Draft & Well Drinks
6pm 'til 10 pm
$3 Jack Daniels Drinks

Saturday Sept. 24
End of Season Party at The Clevelander
8om til closing time
$10.00 for food & beer (Bud/Bud Light)
Cash bar
Fun times include a flip cup AND a beer pong table. The bean bag game may also be out. ANd most importantly, rumor has it that Grady Sizemore will be there...

See everyone there.


So I already said how I broke my cell Thursday night. And the Sprint store closed at 9 pm Thursday, and opened against at 10 am Friday, which didn’t work for me. So I went to Cape Cod with my cell phone broke. (Luckily for me, I have two cell phones; my work phone is with Verizon.) And so I was ok with that, but as I loaded my suitcase into the car Friday morning, THAT broke. Have you ever had one of those days where you were obviously just supposed to stay in bed. Ah, yes, welcome to my Friday.

Then, my flight to Boston was supposed to leave at 3.15. I was supposed to land about 4.30. I landed at 8. Why? Well, first it was delayed. Then they put us on the plane, and we sat on the runway forever. Then we went to Boston and the weather wouldn’t let us land, so we circled around Boston for a while. Ugh! This meant that I got my rental car and started the drive to Cape Cod in the dark. Just what I wanted to do. Yeah, like I'm not geographically challenged in the light...

The wedding was beautiful. While Ophelia hit Cape Cod Friday night (only thunderstorms, nothing major), it cleared up Saturday. Well, it was cloudy, but it wasn’t raining during the outdoor ceremony. On the beach. So that was great. And I guess that overcast is actually better for photographs.

However, our sorority sister married a fraternity boy. Our special sorority song was American Pie. Unfortunately, that appeared to have been their special fraternity song too. We (as in the sorority sisters) were dancing when they pulled the bride away from us. Umm…no. We stole her right back. She may be your wife, but she is OUR sister, and nothing comes between us and American Pie (did you ever notice how freaking long that song is? I think in college I was always drunk, b/c it seemed much faster way back then.)

Then when I landed today, my brother picked me up from the airport. My grandparents drove me to the airport, so that is where my car was. So my brother took me to their house. I only took a half day off today, so I had to run and not visit. But not before I was give 11 (yes, 11) tomotoes, 1 cucumber, and some leftover strew. Because, you know, there isn't food in Boston, and I was starving since I last left them on Friday. If you are Greek, you would understand that logic. I do have to say though, I did have the stew for lunch, and it was actually really good. I should get that recipe. (Sorry, I had to take a moment at the thought of me cooking...)

Evidently, my football team did but much without me than with me. Well, not much better I guess. We lost 38-0 when I played and we lost 34-0 without me. (Hey, I’m just the second string quarterback, which means I QB just on gender plays. I’m not responsible for the lack of offense!) The good news is that we are doing really well at the bar after the games.
And on a side note, I got back this afternoon. It was really hard to get Cleveland sports on the Cape. They have this unnatural obsession with Boston sports. The Red Sox. The Patriots. Geesh. What is a Cleveland sports junkie supposed to do??


I just broke my cell phone! Why this is bad - the Sprint store doesn't open until 10 am. But I have to be at work at 10 am because I am interviewing a summer associate candidate. THEN I have to get on a plane and will be in Cape Cod until Monday. Which means - AT BEST - I am without cell until Monday night.

I feel so naked!!

(Remember the days before we all had cell phones attached to us? I vaguely do. But I'm still unhappy with my current situation in life. NO CELL PHONE?? This is NOT the weekend for that to occur.)
“You cuddle, you call.”

My one friend came up with this basic hook up rule. Basically, the rule is (if it’s not apparent) that if you hook up with someone and you cuddle afterwards, then you have to call. If you do not cuddle, then it’s just sex and no one owes anyone a call.

Which is a brilliant rule – except if you don’t want someone to call despite the fact that there was cuddling. In which case, thank gosh that cell phones come with built in caller id...

And will some male please explain to me the purpose of the three day rule? I don't get it. What is the point?? If you are interested, am I supposed to think less if you call after 2 days? Or am I supposed to think more of you because you were predictible and called after exactly three days, right on schedule? Give me a break. Not to mention that by the time I gave you my number, there is a 50/50 chance that I forgot who you were. Good plan... I'm not saying become a stalker and call immediately, but the predicitbility of the three day rule is silly.


1. Have you ever finished off the popcorn and ate the junk from the bottom of the bag?

2. Have you ever had sex in a tent?
No. But I do love camping.

3. Have you ever had a secret crush on a teacher?
Yes. One in high school was nicknamed Yoda (not by me - but for the same reasons). He was my AP English teacher and NOT attractive at all. In fact, picture Buddha. That may have started the attraction to genius despite appearances. The other was a slight crush in college.

4. Do you own more than 100 cd’s?
Probably closer to adding another 0. Maybe I already do, I have no idea.

5. Have you ever been so drunk that you have passed out?
I have been so drunk that I thought I passed out but evidentally I was still up and about. Does that count?

6. Have you ever dated a goth?
As I *was* a skater/goth in high school, and all my friends were, I likely didn't date anyone who wasn't a goth until I was in my 20s.

7. Have you ever regretted a date?"Regret" is a strong word. There have been painful dates that I'd rather not have been on. And there was the one that used me as a punching bag. But probably not.

8. Have you ever seen a ghost/ufo?
I think.

9. Have you ever done anything you could be arrested for?
Yes. And that's all you get to know...

10. Have you ever done anything you could go to jail for?
You mean if I had been caught?

11. Have you ever broken a bone?
Yes. My ankle in college. Twisted it on steps. I think my pinky one day, but never went to college. What are they going to do anyway, put it on a popsicle stick? My rib from soccer inthe spring doesn't count because it's just "cracked." The worst injury I have are my knees - I have no cartilidge left in either one. Ligament damage in my right. And something about them being off center? The left was 11 degrees and the right was 13 degrees off center, I seem to recall. That was when I was 16 - I'm not sure if they are worse now or not.

12. Have you ever crashed a car?

13. Have you ever fallen off a bike?

14. Have you ever refused a date because of what your friends might think?
Not really. My friends already think that I have awful taste in guys (not that I necessarily blame them) so I think I'd be confused if they did approve of a guy I dated.

15. Have you ever listened to a song and cried?

16. Have you ever seen your favorite band/singer perform live?
REM? No, never... At least not in 5 of the 7 continents.

17. Have you ever been found sleep walking?

18. Have you ever been close to drowning?
Yes, when I was a young child, maybe 6 or so, I was in my aunt and uncles pool walking along, and I must have hit where the pool goes from shallow to deep b/c all of sudden it was over my head. I remember my Uncle Jack, who I was partly scared of b/c he had all these tattoos on his arms, pulling me up.

19. Have you ever watched a Tomb Raider movie without being aroused at some point?
I don't think that I've ever seen all of Tomb Raider. But I don't like Angelina Jolie.

20. Have you ever dated someone a decade older than you?
An entire decade? No.

21. Would you date someone a decade older than you?
Probably not. Then again, 8 1/2 isn't that far off.

22. Have you ever sent a crank call or email?
Can anyone seriously answer the first one "no?" What type of childhood did they have then? I've never done crank email though.

23. Have you ever been pregnant or got someone pregnant?
I've never been pregnant. And unless some guy got pregnant and had my child and never told me, I've never gotten someone pregnant.

24. If not, would you like children?
Ultimately one day, when I'm done being selfish in wanting to do whatever I want whenever I want with my time and money.

25. Have you ever tried to write a book?
Not seriously.

26. Would you like to write a book?
Sure, why not. I'd like to do lots of things.

27. Have you ever had major surgery?
Only breast reduction. Not really major, but I was knocked out. The big surgery will be the knee replacement surgery (on both knees) I was told I needed 13 years ago. Living on borrowed time...

28. Are you afraid of the dentist?

29. Do you have a tattoo?

30. Have you had any piercings done (not including the ears)?
Yes. Tongue. You all knew that though.

31. Have you ever been shit on from the sky?
No. That's gross though.

32. Do you like scary movies?
I love them. Good ones, bad ones, I'm such a baby, I love to be scared.

33. Do you like your job?
Most days.

34. Do you get along with your parents?
For the most part. Though my mom hasn't talked to me since mid August.

35. Do you still have all your grand parents?
Both of my maternal grandparents are alive. My paternal grandfather I never met. My paternal grandmother died with I was a senior in high school.

36. Have you ever had a date with someone you met online?

37. Do you wish you could relive your childhood?
Yeah, a lot.

38. Have you ever beat up your computer?
Huh? No.

39. Have you ever watched The Goonies more than twice in a day?
No. Even though I had a huge crush on Corey Feldman.

40. Have you ever wondered why you fill this shit in time after time?
I don't have to think.


Boo hiss.

I *like* the Browns uniforms. Especially the brown ones. The simplicity.


I partied so much this weekend that I gave myself strep. I wish that was some sort of new slang for a great time, but unfortunately, I literally gave myself strep. I am a positive strep carrier, and it comes at will. Evidentally, too much partying is "at will." Damn...

It was a weekend of crushing defeats. My football team. Ohio State (party at the Dive Bar was awesome though, until the last 3 minutes or so of the game.) The Browns (expected. That game was watched via recovery on my couch...) In fact, Sunday was total recovery day, until a bad influence called me and said, "get your drunk, hung over, lazy ass off your couch and get over here. My friend is coming over with his friends, and we are all going to the Indians game tonight. $5 tickets." Sigh. Twist my arm...

Actually, let's talk about my football team for a moment. We didn't even have enough guys show, I had to bring some guys from the bar. Excellent. The other team actually started doing leapfrogs and stuff like that on the line ups. Uncalled for.

Ahh, yes, but there were a few good things. The Indians series, sweeping the Twins. and essentially knocking the Twins out of the playoff wild card hunt. See ya next year, guys... (Though we will - the Central has a lot of good, young teams. I can see Minnestoa, Cleveland, and Detroit making it a very good division.) So now we have 3 with Oakland. Frightening. And we have won 7 in a row - we are prime for a slight losing streak. Maybe. (I think Clevelanders are perpetually ready for the bottom to fall out. So we are all ready for them to knock themself out of playoff contention. Hey, we Clevelanders are tough. We know how the world works...)

And it's an Indian summer baby! Of course, I mean the temperature (it's on the 80s the next few days - yay!) but it's also an Indians summer. Hey, Cleveland, in case you didn't notice, your Indians are in a playoff race. Actually, they are leading it right now. Why aren't you showing up at the games? We have the third lowest attendance in baseball. Embarrassing. They are putting a playoff calliber team on the field. Not the best in anything (well, our bullpen) but a team with no huge holes. There is a reason that Sportscenter is so high on Cleveland right now...

My friend came up with the best new word ever: Whorestorical. Though my other friend then came up with whoretastical, which is also awesome. Both are the types of descriptive words that we enjoy. Or maybe we just enjoy saying the word whore??

Finally, my horoscope today:
Usually, you and your conscience are pretty well acquainted, but there might be something deeply buried in your psyche that you've been trying to work around for a little too long. Drag it out into the light, and you'll feel so much better.
I am taking this as a sign to email an old "friend" (I use friend in quotations b/c we really aren't anymore - HUGE falling out which I take blame for), as I will be in the area soon. (Plus, I asked the Magic 8 ball if I should and it said that the outlook was good.) How that one will end - well, sometimes we all walk into a fire knowing we'll get burned, right? I'll tell you about it someday.


Football and beer! That will about sum up today! After getting home at 4 am last night, I am up, checked my email to see if I would have enough players on my team, and am about to head to the Treehouse to sit in the sun. (My friends play at 11, so the timing will be perfect.) After drinking for about 2 hours, I have to head to the football field, where I will be playing. Hioefully, I will have enough players - I'm not sure! Then, back to the Treehouse to drink some more in the sun. After a few hours of that, I have to go home and shower, then head to the Dive bar to watch the OSU/Texas game. (Party starts at 6...) :) Football and beer, beer and football. How else does one spend Saturdays?

So my friend made the poor decision to call at 2 am to find out where we were and what we were doing. Suddenly, he becomes the person who is driving us to eat hot dogs. (I don't even like hot dogs, but wherever we were, the hot dogs were the best things I've ever eaten in my life.) Poor guy - he won't make that mistake again. Then again, we go into this "restaurant (I use that term looksely - it was like a broom closet with a table that served food) and he gets to say, "I'm with my harem of women." Nice...

PS Boston, you all are idiots...Remember our deal? You take care of that end, we'll take care of this end?? You are only 4 us. When you have 6 games against the Yankees, do you really want to be losing them? You can still lose that division Boston. How can I give my firstborn for the Yankees not to make the playoffs if you don't want to win the division? I expect better from you next time - which is in a few hours today.


Not that I want to jinx it, but the Indians are in sole possession of the wild card lead after yesterday's game. (Running and knocking on wood. Or whatever that cardboardy wall thing is.) Meanwhile, the Yankees start a 3 game series against Boston. Dear Boston - consider purchasing a broom.

Do you remember how, when you were young, your mom would put your gold star papers on the fridge. Every time you went to get some grape koolaid, your awesomeness would stare at you? (No wonder kids don't have self esteem issues.) Anyway, last week I was working on a brief with another associate, we sent it to the partner, who liked it. Actually, she emailed back that it was one of the most persuasive, funniest briefs she had ever read. I wanted to print that email out and put it on my fridge at home, ala a gold star paper. I resisted not because I knew how pathetic that was, but because my fridge is full if liberal propoganda (mostly my bumper sticker magnets purchased from Northern Sun. Oh, and my Scooby Doo magnets.)

One of the guys on my softball team quit his job. I offered to pay him to clean my house. He thinks I was kidding. I wasn't. You know the last time that I've vacuumed? Or even better, mopped the floor? It's disgusting. Disgusting. I'd gladly play someone to do all that stuff for me. At least my laundry is done right now. (Oh, and the lawn mower is fixed and returned. Guess that means I gotta mow the lawn. Damn, and it was a built in excuse.)

Football starts Saturday. Not NFL football, which started last night. Not college football, which is already in effect. But Cleveland Plays football. Most excellent. Of course, the reason we play football? To go to the bars afterwards. In this case, The Treehouse. So if anyone is at the Treehouse, I'll buy you a pitcher. I'll be there with my team afterwards.

Oh, and 10 months until my 30th birthday... (The surprise party was 10 months from yesterday. Shh!)


Just in case anyone was wondering what I did with Jody Gerut gone on the Indians, I decided that I would jump on the Grady Sizemore bandwagon. Granted. he's a child (1982! I'm not even kidding) but he can legally drink at least, right? And he's got adorable dimples. Granted, he's no Jody Gerut, who I haven't been able to stalk since his trade, but we make do with what we have to here in Cleveland.

Oh, and the home plate umpire ejected two Detroit fans during the Indians game tonight. FANS. That is awesome. And, despite dropping 2 of 3 to the Twins this past weekend (insert swearing here), the Indians are only a game behind in the wild card race. Here's my thing. Please don't do this to me Tribe. You know, I've had my heart broken more times than I can count. Never by a guy, granted, but by my sports teams. Red Right '88 (I only vaguely remember that, actually.) The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot (Jordan over Ehlo). The Error (Not that Fernandez hurt the most, the hurt is just most recent.)

Ok, my point (yes, I have one). If you are going to do a typical "Cleveland failing" please just do me a favor and get it over with now. Don't drag it out all month only to f*ck up at the end of the season. I can't stand the getting my hopes up, when I KNOW what the outcome will be. And the thing is, I tell myself that, but there is some disconnect between my mind and my heart, you know? (Yes, I'm still talking about my Indians, not my taste in guys...though it applies there as well.) So yeah, heartbreak is coming. I'm a Clevelander. It's as much a guarantee as lake effect snow in the winter, and orange barrels in the summer...And I just wish I'd get it over with now, rather than dragging it out. Pull the bandaid offf quickly, you know? (Though I have to say that I have tickets to the September 30th game - how awesome would that be if the Indians were still hanging around the wild card. Last weekend series of the season.)

For the record, I'd still give my firstborn if the Yankees don't even make the playoffs... My currently pregnant girlfriend is appalled by that statement, but any self respecting Clevelander would. She's from Detroit, what does she know!

And I spend the weekend with some guys from Texas. Of course, *next* weekend is when Ohio State plays Texas so we were one week off. Then again, maybe the fact that they weren't playing the weekend when we were hanging out is the only reason we were able to hang out...Of course, let's be honest, when Ohio State wins, what are the odds that I'm not going to call them and be obnoxious? None. I'm me.


Bush nominates Roberts as Chief Justice. This is interesting. And frightening. On the one hand, it's incredibly better than Scalia ... I think. And that's really the second hand. Roberts has little experience as a Judge, and it's difficult to tell where his dogma lies, truly. Will he be of the Scalia/Thomas elk? Or not? May he be a Souter? (A Republican, by the way.) I'm not holding out hope for another Warren (also a Republican, incidently.)

Bush certainly thinks that he's a Scaliaa, and perhaps his short history suggest so. But you can never really be sure. The fact that he choose someone who isn't currently on the Supreme Court as Chief Justice isn't itself unusual or anything. My only reservation is that fact that Roberts doesn't have much of a judicial background to judge hom on at all.

And as for Rehnquist, who unfortunately died Saturday night, I wasn't a Rehnquist fan. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate him like I have this UGH feeling for Scalia and Thomas (Thomas b/c of his intellectualism - or lack thereof - and Scalia for his opinions. And since Thomas isn't intelligent enough to have his own opinions or know his own mind, Scalia for Thomas's opinions too.) Rehnquist wasn't along my idiological lines, and I rarely agreed with him. As Matthew pointed out, I'm not going to change my mind because he's dead. Though I am sorry that he had to suffer from cancer at the end of his life. And his long tenure on the Court is certaintly admirable. He influenced several decisions. He is certainly a historical figure, and will be missed, surely. But I'm not going to talk about how great he is now that he's dead.


I've been strangely silent on the tragedy caused by Katrina. And that's because my heart goes out to everyone affected by this, but much like 9.11, it's way too much tragedy for me to take in all at once. I can't process it yet. Death. Destruction. Tragedy. I need more time. But a few things I need to get out.

First, FEMA blasting those who stayed for staying (as if leaving, traveling somewhere else, and getting a hotel or something was financially possible for many of them) is disgusting. Classless. You can think it privately, I don't care. But to say it is heartless.

The snipers make no sense to me. What is wrong with you people? Disasters really bring out the best and the worst in people. It's sad, really. Looting is not good, but really, not the same level as snipers, at least in my world.

And let's not even talk about whether the media is being racist in portraying all of this. (I will say that one of the radio guys here on WTAM was commeting on a story how a white kid "found" groceries at the grocery store, whereas black kids "looted" groceries from the grocery store. I haven't read either article, so I can't comment.)

Though the rest of the world's offers to help are nice. Being the US and the self-proclaimed only superpower in the world, that's rare.

You know, on Bush's watch, the wrost terrorist attack occurred and one of the worst, if not the worst, natural disasters occurred. Now, I'm not saying that they have anything to do with the price of beans, I'm just noting...

Finally, let's discuss why our response is "not acceptable" jackass. It's becase you send the National Guard - people who are supposed to respond to such tragedies - to Iraq. They aren't equipt to respond when they are down people.

Also, yesterday I learned that even at age 29, if you wear pigtails, some guy will revert back to being 8 and feel the need to yank on them. All evening long. (And for the record, I look adorable with braided pigtails. Some guy asked me if I was Native American b/c I looked like Pocahontas. Hmm...Disney characters aren't exactly the look I was going for, but ok...)


Yesterday, I actually played soccer. I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't mentally prepared to play.

First, it had been raining for most of the past 24 hours. They cancel the games when the sky LOOKS grey. So I was all mentally prepared to meet my friends for happy hour and get a good night sleep. I pay this mortgage for this house that I never see - I thought maybe I'd reconnect, remember why it was that I fell in love with my house in the first place (oh, wait, I never did; I just wanted to get rid of my real estate agent, and making a $220,000 purchase seemed like the best way to do it without hurting anyone's feelings).

But no, because it had cleared up by gametime, the game went on, and my entire evening plans went into flux. But that's not the worst of it, b/c I can rev myself up to play a game even when it's unexpected and requires me to play in the mud. In fact, that might be fun - though the "no slidetacking" rule, when playing in mud, is just cruel and unusual.

No, the worst part is that I played my first game in the water. And now I've confused, b/c I've jsut said that it cleared up. Friggin' Ccty of Cleveland, specifically Brookside Park, has the bloody sprinkler system on. What the HELL? I mean, really...sprinklers? It's just rained for 24 hours. That might be more collective rain that in the past four months. And you put the sprinklers on? And they can't even turn off. So basically, you had to dodge the sprinklers (sticking up from the ground, ready to trip you for looking at them cross-eyed. I know the sprinkers had evil intents). You had to run through the spray of water going after the ball (The one sprinkers was right in front of the goal.) If you kicked the ball, it will hit the water and just die. And I was soaked, drenched, by about 5 minutes into the game.

Really, Cleveland! Sprinklers?!? We've only been playing on the field on Wednesday nights since April...Was this really a shock to you??

And, oh, by the way, cut the freakin' grass too. It's been forever, and the ball just dies. It's impossible to dribble, kick, or any of the things that are, oh, say, helpful in the game of soccer. Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Oh, does anyone want to go with me to see the Cinci Orchestra play at Blossom Saturday night? It's the Star Wars music...Yes, I'm a dork. But my friends all don't want to go, for some crazy reason. Fireworks afterwards. How can you refuse? Otherwise, I'll be the sad girl all by herself at Blossom... Sadly, I see that as my future. Sigh.
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